Linux Mint 21.2 Cinnamon (I think)_ Installation problems and navigation

Until you have it installed and running, probably better to stick to this one thread.

Following that you will no doubt have questions about different aspects of the OS, and they can have their own topic ?

The question is:....Do you have it installed?
I just posted in this thread about that.

You had to ask, Brian, didn't you?

We''ll teach you a secret handshake
@STaylor should turn your skills to writing ! tell a good yarn.
You mean he looked like this dude compared to linux user? lol

Perfect! I would use a more fitting emoji, but for some reason I have options. So I'll go old instead.

Perfect! I would use a more fitting emoji, but for some reason I have options. So I'll go old instead.

On my tablet.
OK, let's try to turn this back into being a support thread, lol

Wizard out
Update on Installation. Getting a later start, but tonight for sure. I posted about it in off topic. It's a bit much to put in this thread, a lot of musing. Unless WizardfromOZ or another moderator sees otherwise, I'll leave it there.
No hurry from our part (pipe down, Brian, I know where you live and I will be forced to kill you).

Linux is not going away and nor are we.
Looking forward to you installing Mint...when ever that may be.
Mental and emotional strength in facing difficulty, adversity, danger, or temptation courageously

Dear Higher Power,

Thank you. I'm so grateful you have given me intelligence, hunger for knowledge, the willingness to realize I don't know everything and people in my life who've helped me to get where I am today.

But most of all Higher Power, I'm so incredibly grateful for the fortitude you have blessed me with. Without it, I surely would have un-alived myself before I started this journey. Without fortitude, I would lose my determination to make my life better, to free myself of the chains of the Giant I have found myself tangled in.

I have nothing more to say...
I hope no one thinks I'm not really serious.
I'm about to start putting my graphics card back together. Cross your fingers, or maybe wave your wand so I don't run into any other problems.
Consider the wand waved. ;)

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