Laptop screen randomly goes blank and then to the lock screen


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Jul 31, 2023
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Hi ive been having this weird issue where my laptop screen goes black for a few seconds and then takes me to the lock screen, im having to use an external display. Also dont know if this is related but my laptop keyboard wont work as well. Im using an HP 348 G3, using the latest version of pop os. Also I tried booting into another OS but the problem persists, when i change the resolution it shows "cannot change due to hardware limitations". This change was sudden and random, it occured when I turned on my laptop today

a lot of that sounds like it could be an issue with your gpu or possibly the screen. had you made any changes to the system or pop os before the problem started? did you install any new programs or possibly update the system?

did the keyboard ever work? when you use the external display, does it not have this problem at all?

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