1. SpongebobFan1994

    Is Virtualbox Energy Heavy? [Solved]

    I often keep a virtual machine running for relatively long periods of time, and after a while, the fan on my desktop gets loud (probably because it's using so much energy at the time). After I shut the VM down, the fan quiets down. I've been thinking about upgrading the hardware since its...
  2. B

    Hardware RAID 1 not recognising full capacity of disks

    Hi, this is my first post on an online forum. Any advise/ point in right direction is appreciated. I have a HP Z8 G4 workstation with 2x 6TB HDDs and 1x 1TB NVME SSD (with Ubuntu 20.04 installed). I have configured hardware RAID 1 in BIOS using OROM and which successfully (pre OS) recognises...
  3. A

    Debian 10 "buster" 10.6 doesnt boot after the grub

    Hello, i am new on the forum (but know some informatic already) and i have a the problem that i cant boot on to my debian 10 "buster" 10.6, after i install it, i have a dual boot w10 and the debian on separated drives, and i couldn't get it to work the w10 and the debian on the grub, them i try...
  4. sp331yi


    IME some models (if not all) of Toshiba and Samsung laptops are POS when it comes to GNU/Linux -- to be avoided unless one is a masochist. (I totally expect responses to this! LOL). We need to begin a list of LINUX-INCOMPATIBLE HARDWARE (or Not Worth the Trouble!). We could even expand it...
  5. C

    Cannot connect to any WiFi network

    Hello, I am using the latest version of kali linux (2020.1) in my oracle vm virtual box. At first my WiFi adapter was not recognized by my machine. I tried installing many different drivers and then at last I installed "Rtl8188fu" which I was able to figure out that this is the driver i would...
  6. A

    Issues with a new Threadripper system

    Hello, I recently bought a new Threadripper based system and I've been having trouble with, potentially, the hardware of the machine. The system randomly crashes, seemingly at random: Sometimes the crash is right after a boot; right at the lightdm login screen or right after logging in: the...
  7. E

    Could I interchange hard drives to swap OS?

    If I were to install Windows 10 on one hard drive and Linux Mint on another, would I be able to change which OS my computer is running on just by swapping the drives? Please be gentle... I'm not too tech saavy.
  8. S

    SSD support in Linux

    Hello, I am new to Linux, this is my first post and i am kind of not sure if this is where it belongs. Looking to get a custom built desktop for my Linux box (i think this is what it is called) and was wondering if Linux supports SSDs. This question arises keeping in view of the current state...
  9. C

    Extracting Pics from a crashed iPhone X in recovery mode?

    Hello. Newbie here and completely technologically oblivious. Hoping someone here can help me as this is my last ditch effort. Sorry in advance if long post. Screen is set at Apple logo and then the iTunes recovery mode. Apple support on phone said it’s probably a corrupt hard drive structure...
  10. D

    Can't connect to an Arduino board

    Hello I have Ubuntu linux and I installed the Arduino IDE on the machine and tried to connect to my board but it couldn't connect. The output at the Arduino IDE was: avrdude: ser_open(): can't open device "/dev/ttyUSB0": Permission denied I also tried adding my user to the dialout group of the...
  11. T

    Buying a new Computer/Laptop - Avoid screen tearing (and some more)

    Hi! I went from Windows to Linux about 4 years ago, and from the beginning the problem with screen tearing has always been there. More or less. Sometimes it works fine for a long time, then it comes back again. Getting tired of this. really tired. So tired that I'm actually thinking about going...
  12. R

    Hardware requirements for Linux Mint 19 "Tara" [SOLVED]

    Hello.. Um.. I don't know how to start this. I'll just get right to it: So I'm planning to switch to Linux soon, and I found from my research that Linux Mint is the most user-friendly Linux distribution. And as I was reading some forum posts on some sites, they wrote that you might need to...
  13. WolfMandraagora

    GUI Driver manager for Arch based distros?

    Hi, I am sorry if this is the wrong place for this topic. Mods feel free to move it if appropriate. I am running Antergos at the moment, but also occasionally try other Arch based distros. In distros like manjaro, you have MHWD to manage drivers. But I have not been able to find an alternative...