I'm looking for a distribution without GNU tools


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GNU always seemed bloaty to me. I also have problems with RMS's standing on freedom and prefer MIT/BSD licences. I've been considering switching to something else, but I don't want to compromise in term of usefulness. I also like up to date packages a lot. I use Arch Linux on my workflow and can't think of using something such as Debian, Cent OS or Ubuntu LTS due to their old packages. I've thought about switching to BSD, but I do not know which BSD to pick. Besides, it seems that BSD has some problems with performance compared to Linux. So, I've been looking for a OS without GNU. I've heard about Alpine Linux but couldn't be sure if it was right for me.

Thank you for reading this far, and I'm looking forward reading your recommendations :)


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I've heard about Alpine Linux but couldn't be sure if it was right for me.
Alpine's great. I'd switch to it, but it doesn't run appimages and I use a few of those so...otherwise an excellent distro, specially its "APK" pkg manager; even faster and smarter than pacman, which IMO was the best one, now's the second best one :)


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Is there any other distro besides Alpine that doesn't use GNU?
You will probably have to look at one of the BSD's if you want something without GNU.
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