• We had to restore from a backup today after a failed software update. Backup was from 0000 EDT and restored it at 0800 EDT so we lost about 8hrs. Today is 07/20/2024. More info here.



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Feb 12, 2021
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Gremlins seem to plague most all. I hated and was sick of Microsoft windows for many years. The lack of security and heavy anti apps n firewalls that can’t ever be shut off. Linux seemed the way 2 go. I have made bootable usb and dvds. Of many different Linux version. 2 diff ubuntu. Mint. Susi. And kali. Every time on every install something don’t install correctly so I do it again and always successfully install and boot. I’ve done it on many external drives and permanent install along with live.
It’s hell every time. I am relatively new but know and red enough to know something is never jiving and it’s always something that will cause something not to function and threatening to the stability. Maybe it’s the downloads. I’m not doing something right.
All the copy and paste solutions online are great. But rarely 2 never solve my problems. I spend all my time trying to make things work instead of using it. root, sudo in terminal and normal users profiles I have all done.
And using a dual boot system b4 hdd in amd dell. physically crashed. But laptop is still very functional even though hdd is broken.
Does the external storage device need to need 2 be formatted using windows, ntfs or fat b4 install?
I can do everything but the most important and get software packages to install right. All advice and tutorials are different. There is no definitive answer or solution but my results are the same. Command not found, no candidate and all that jazz. has become the norm. But now internet is crawling. I hate windows. But never realized how automated it is. Not as much hoop jumping. I think it’s a waste to by a book for idiots on linux cause it’s a waste of money for any book if it’s not doing what it was bought 4. And I’d bother stuff online isn’t working...

IF you aren't checking the integrity of the .iso file or files that you downloaded it could be corrupt and that would explain why the fresh installation doesn't perform properly. If the signatures don't match it the .iso can't be trusted.

Also, if your having functionality issues check your hardware. Is this an older desktop or laptop your trying to install Linux to?

-:::-As a general rule it's best to use the 'Package Manager' that comes with your Linux distribution for installing and removing software.-:::-

Command not found, no candidate and all that jazz is for a reason.
If you want to use the command-line most things have to be performed with elevated privileges and the command-line interpreter (bash) needs to know the exact PATH to what it is that you are installing.
If the command is not installed than it can't be found.

Once you are familiar with the package management system of the distro that you have installed and know it well, there shouldn't be anymore Gremlins:-


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