apt-get install

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    '/etc/services.dpkg-new' as '/etc/services': Operation not permitted, what to do?

    I want to install a package but when i did that than this came out: ``` apt install postgresql Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree... Done Reading state information... Done Suggested packages: postgresql-doc The following NEW packages will be installed: postgresql 0 upgraded...
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    Gremlins seem to plague most all. I hated and was sick of Microsoft windows for many years. The lack of security and heavy anti apps n firewalls that can’t ever be shut off. Linux seemed the way 2 go. I have made bootable usb and dvds. Of many different Linux version. 2 diff ubuntu. Mint. Susi...
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    Linux package management

    Hello, I want to know how does the RedHat/Centos and Ubuntu systems manage their packages updates? Does RedHat/Centos update only from their local repositories? (using yum update) Do we have to first, download the repositories from the internet, then yum update? Of source, it's possible to...