Farewell Blackbuntu, Hello SnoopGod Linux!


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Mar 10, 2024
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I wanted to share a bit of backstory and an update on a project I've been involved with for some time now. Some of you might remember Blackbuntu, a Linux distribution born in 2011 but unfortunately abandoned by its original developer a few years later. In 2018, I took on the responsibility of maintaining and reviving Blackbuntu, but encountered a hurdle with the domain name.
When I resurrected the project, I purchased blackbuntu.org to provide a platform for its continued development. However, there was already an existing blackbuntu.com owned by someone else, causing confusion among users and potential contributors.

I made the decision in 2023 to transition away from Blackbuntu and introduce a new project called "SnoopGod Linux." While it's essentially the spiritual successor to Blackbuntu, SnoopGod Linux features a significant change : a switch from the Gnome desktop environment to KDE. This change not only provides a fresh user experience but also aligns more closely with the direction I envisioned for the project.

You can find more about the project in our website www.snoopgod.com. All your remarks and suggestion are most welcome.

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