1. S

    Farewell Blackbuntu, Hello SnoopGod Linux!

    I wanted to share a bit of backstory and an update on a project I've been involved with for some time now. Some of you might remember Blackbuntu, a Linux distribution born in 2011 but unfortunately abandoned by its original developer a few years later. In 2018, I took on the responsibility...
  2. D

    Is It Possible to Jailbreak a Ring Doorbell?

    My neighbor across the street recently bought one of these because he wanted to keep an eye on his packages from amazon, and his wife wanted to feel safe when she's home alone with the kids. When we were talking about it, I politely mentioned that the data it collects goes right to Ring's...
  3. cyberkiller

    Distributed computing with Linux

    Hey guys, Im new in this forum, generally Im beginner on distributed computing. The main purpose is to share experiences accordingly to the post thread title. Has anyone tryed his own online server? I mean what type of server, which service, which Linux? Experiences about distributed systems...