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    Farewell Blackbuntu, Hello SnoopGod Linux!

    I wanted to share a bit of backstory and an update on a project I've been involved with for some time now. Some of you might remember Blackbuntu, a Linux distribution born in 2011 but unfortunately abandoned by its original developer a few years later. In 2018, I took on the responsibility...
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    Can i create a wlan1 with a tethered smartphone connection?

    Hello, i would like to know how to make my phone a wlan1 because my wlan0 is too weak for pentesting. Is it even possible? I'm on Kali Linux, very recently updated.
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    Parrot OS 4.0 (Debian-based)

    Parrot Security OS 4.0 has just been released! This is a serious pentesting distribution that is based on Debian. I highly recommend getting acquainted with it: For any newcomers who are migrating from Windows, this course might be helpful...