Depending on your CPU, this is kinda a problem...


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Jul 23, 2020
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One, this isn't Ubuntu-specific.

Two, this is CPU dependent.

Three, the fix is out there.

If you use an Ubuntu derivative, for example, the code will trickle down to you quickly - if it hasn't already. They like to disclose these sorts of things after the fix has been released. It's known as 'responsible disclosure' and it's what the white-hats do in the security industry.

Basically, a white-hat security researcher finds a bug. They then notify the project(s) related. They then give those projects a set period of time. When that time ends, barring other circumstances, they release the info regarding the bug. The project has that much time to issue a fix. They can sometimes ask for more time, but the white-hat knows that the black-hat operators are not dumb. So, they'll often still release the details so that you (the informed consumer) can make a choice about the actions you take.

Make sense?

I just happen to be using a Mint system for this right now...

Update Manager_001.png

See? It's that easy. See the top most update offered?

Keep your stuff updated folks.
I installed this approx 1 hour ago


Just for the record, It was quite obvious that this was coming, so I had a Timeshift snapshot in place.
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The latest intel-microcode is in debian unstable (sid), but not yet moved as of this moment to debian testing (trixie) or debian stable (bookworm). Here is output on a trixie machine:
[root@flop ~]# apt upgrade intel-microcode
Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree... Done
Reading state information... Done
intel-microcode is already the newest version (3.20230512.1).
Here is a quote from debian packages website searching the unstable (sid) repo:
Package intel-microcode

sid (unstable) (admin): Processor microcode firmware for Intel CPUs [non-free-firmware]
3.20230808.1: amd64 i386
Yup. It's a good idea to get this one installed quickly.

As far as disruptions go, this is trivial, but I did figure I'd make folks aware of it.

Of course, you can subscribe to the same security notifications easily enough. I realize most folks aren't going to do that, but you can.
I got my update to Mint LMDE last Friday morning
I installed this approx 1 hour ago
The only thing my history is showing is my flatpak updates. I've been through the settings but can't seem to findf the option to show system updates in history. I'm sure it's something simple, but I'm at a loss?!?
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Linux Mint Update on View.....History of Updates....look for ....etc
Huh... You have both Intel and AMD microcode.
I noticed that and have no idea why I'd have both.
My Intel processor is 20+ years old maybe that's why.
Intel ain't going to patch no 20 year old processors or at least they didn't for Spectre Meltdown vulnerability.
I did notice the amd update in mine as system has been updating that for quite a few years now idea why....doesn't bother me at all....if it is not 'used' in any way, no harm no foul.
it could possibly be a dependency. from my mint 21.1 xfce system with an intel processor:
aptitude why amd64-microcode
i   linux-image-generic Depends amd64-microcode
I did some looking and I guess that's quite possibly normal. I have an update from August 2nd with AMD's microcode in it.

I suspect I just updated at a different interval than you and that I've never actually noticed this before.
Linux Mint Update on View.....History of Updates....look for ....etc
Umm yes sir. I know that, All my history is only showing my flatpak history, and no package history.
Screenshot from 2023-08-14 18-06-01.png
And yours is package history, and no flatpak history. I was asking hoiw to change it to package history??

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