Better linux distro for an EBOX 3350MX

Nelson Muntz

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You might have a look at this link.

I hear ya I hate throwing things out if I think I can squeeze some more life out of something.

However, always a However.

I've also realized as much as I hate to admit and accept the fact that sometimes certain electronics just no longer can be utilized.

If an older version of Linux which was originally installed and working on those than that may be the only choice you have to make them useful.

I think this website

has old Linux distros that you can download however no longer being supported you may not find a sever to connect to.


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The fact is that Ubuntu 10.04 works fine, but I spent two days trying to install a driver and I just can't cause I am a newbie fighting with an unsupported distro.
I already give my system access to the old repositories but something is always missing, or not updatable or a lot of other things. I successfully used the remote desktop and the LAN and audio interface, now I was trying with a USB wifi adapter.

I'll try your websites, but I already have an unsupported version so...
Also I think that Ubuntu 12.04, that supports non-PAE cpus, doesn't work with a non-cmov system

I'm stuck on ubuntu 10.04 I guess, it still can have access to some of the old repo at least...not all but a big part

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