1. G

    Is is posible to tripple boot linux with Windows 10?

    So, what I want to do is have Mint, Ubuntu, and Windows 10 on the same laptop. I have already double booted another laptop with mint and windows 10. So what I'm wondering, is that if it will give me the menu of Windows 10 or Mint like on my other computer but it also has Ubuntu on the menu. If...
  2. L

    Better linux distro for an EBOX 3350MX

    Hi, hope this is the right section. As stated in the title: I have an old EBOX: DMP - eBox 3350MX-AP x86 Compact PC with Auto Power On ( It features an i586 processor and I have some problems putting it to work: I currently use Ubuntu 10.04 in the system but I would prefer...
  3. L

    bash scripting question

    i was picking apart some bash scripts online to help me practice and learn more about bash. i encountered one script that had this ((count++)) towards the end of the script. from what i can tell this says to add to the variable. i was hoping for a better explanation about what it does, why its...
  4. brian byon

    Can't Create Store, And Transactions - DESPERATELY NEED HELP

    Hi, so I created this new OS that's not iOS or Windows 10. But now I want to add store, currency, and apps music store and all other outlets just like iOS and Windows has. Can anyone share on how to do this because Linux is not a complete set? Thank you.