Can't Create Store, And Transactions - DESPERATELY NEED HELP

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brian byon

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Hi, so I created this new OS that's not iOS or Windows 10. But now I want to add store, currency, and apps music store and all other outlets just like iOS and Windows has.

Can anyone share on how to do this because Linux is not a complete set?

Thank you.


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Which kind of distro is it?
Do you have a packetmanager?
I would Use python with tkinter and os.


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Regrets to Members who have attempted to help this fellow, but he has been told repeatedly, in a number of Threads, that we do not have the resources to help in this issue.

He has also been suggested to repeatedly what steps he might like to take to receive same help.

I am closing this this Thread for input, and thanks again, to the Members responding :)

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