Is is posible to tripple boot linux with Windows 10?


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So, what I want to do is have Mint, Ubuntu, and Windows 10 on the same laptop.
I have already double booted another laptop with mint and windows 10.
So what I'm wondering, is that if it will give me the menu of Windows 10 or Mint like on my other computer but it also has Ubuntu on the menu.
If you need to know my laptop that I want to triple boot on has:
Intel© Core™ i7-6500U CPU
7.7 GB of RAM
and a 500 GB SSD
Thanks in advance :D


Yeah, you can. But make sure you create partitions on Windows using disk management. You will want to backup your data first before partitioning and installing.

However, the problem with installing multiple OSes on the same computer, is your hard disk space will be limited to each OS. Since your hard disk has 500GB space, then you can assign around 166GB for each OS. It is not a problem for now but might be a problem later on.


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If after your Mint installation you don't have the grub menu to be able to choose which os to boot into just open the terminal and run:

sudo update-grub


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But make sure you create partitions on Windows using disk management.
I would disagree.

Let the Linux Distribution's Installer set up the partitioning, it is built to do so in a Linux-friendly manner, whereas Windows does not recognise the EXT4 partitioning scheme.

Windows Disk Management can be used in the beginning to shrink the size of the space occupied by Windows.


and welcome to @gpooe1 :)

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Give Ventoy a try

it will load many and various os's onto one USB stick

@captain-sensible has waxed lyrical about ventoy for quite some time. If he is around he may lend a hand.

You have not told us what your objective is in loading three or more OS's.......if it is to merely try them all out, then Ventoy could well be your solution


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if it is to merely try them all out, then Ventoy could well be your solution
A bit off-topic:
Ventoy's fine, but I recently found out it doesn't support brtfs at the bottom of that thread reads btrfs is not supported by ventoy, it is not block based. and thus the copy-on-write feature won't work, which allows some level of "persistence", at least for saving files; downloads, created documents, pictures as well as customizations you made like changing theme and all configuration files that kept stored in the home directory. Haven't tried yet doing mayor changes like upgrading or installing new packages and see if they are kept across reboots. This is not a problem for Ubuntu/Debian based distros as well as many others around... so OP won't have issues with it... I just wanted to say that :).

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