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In Australia, we are known for extremes.....

Here's a quick summary of the extremes of the week, ending this Friday morning at 3 pm:

  • The wettest place in the last week was Mount Read in TAS with 145.4mm (accumulated).

  • The hottest place in the last week was Curtin in WA with 42.4°C on Friday afternoon.

  • The coldest place in the last week was Perisher Valley in NSW with -5.5°C on the morning of Tuesday the 13th. Fire up the snow guns, we say! And if you're wondering how cold it can get in Australia, Ben Domensino had the "low down" on that in this story. See what we did there? ;)

For those who've already had a Friday beer and can't be bothered using mental arithmetic, it was a 47.9 degree difference between our hottest and coolest spots.

Talking about healthcare.....I just read this on

Shoutout to our Health Services

Was feeling weird last weekend. Tired with mad heartburn that would not fuck off despite a gallon of Mylanta. Peaked about 2 in the morning with unbearable pain, cold sweats etc. Start to actually panic and hyperventilate, call an ambo from pure lack of knowing what else to do.
Speak to operator, who keeps me on the line til the ambo arrives about six minutes later. I meet them out the front in a bit of a panic, and these blokes do not fuck around. Into the back of the van, undressed in about thirty seconds while they attach this and that, inject me with fentanyl, monitor all the life signs while trying to find the best hospital in the area to treat. Literally 30 things going on all at once, if any one of them had failed I was fucked, and these guys were like a well oiled machine, never missed a beat. At Royal Melbourne Hospital about 20mins from phoning 000.
Pull into hospital, there's like 10 people waiting for me. Mention it seems like there's a bit of a fuss over some heartburn, ambo laughs and tells me I'm in severe cardiac arrest. Holy shit.
Rushed inside, shaved down, electrodes attached everywhere, cardiologist on standby wheels me into surgery, works some black magic by shoving a wire into my wrist, working it up the arm into the heart, finds the problem, sorts it, whacks a stent in and I'm put into recovery.
It's been an hour and a half since I called the ambos, and I'm lying in a bed recovering from a serious health issue. Unbelievable.
They keep me for four days, and whatever nurses are paid it's not enough. They work crushing shifts, their knowledge of what is happening on the ward for all 40-odd patients, while being the nicest people on the planet. My appreciation for them knows no bounds. You want to know what professional looks like, spend some time in hospital.
Spend my time in there watching youtube clips of Americans arguing against universal healthcare. Still got no idea what the fuck they're on about.
Major props to our system. Have no doubt it has it flaws and there's some horror stories if you look for them, but for this end user you literally could not impress me more, from start to finish. Hats off to everyone involved with my little crisis, you were all superstars.
Underpants experiments are taking place in Australian paddocks and gardens — all in the name of soil health !!

Pairs of tighty whities are being buried in backyards and farms across the nation to check how healthy soil is.

Key points:
  • The more degraded the cotton underpants are after eight weeks underground, the better the soil quality
  • The experiment has since been launched as a citizen science program
  • Farmers across the country have been getting on board to learn more about their soil's biology and health
Soil Your Undies is a joint campaign by the University of New England (UNE) and CottonInfo.


"When there's a lack of water, the biology in this soil that's breaking down these underpants is inactive."

Buying a car ?....maybe a runabout for the missus/wife...??
Look no Further !
Third owner, RAAF jet engine, zero to 1000km/h in 16 seconds, only driven down salt flats on Sunday. First to see will buy.


An Australian-built world land speed record contender
has come up for sale.

The 1997 Aussie Invader III LSR JET uses an engine from an RAAF Mirage jet fighter to take the custom-built race car to 1000km/h from a standstill in around 16 seconds, according to its Carsales ad.

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Rain ?

I guess every country has a 'special' missing person case.

This one is Australias.

MAN 2.jpeg

Collateral damage

Over the past year, China’s trade sanctions have hit industry after industry.

More is at stake than exports alone.

“Unfortunately, “for our democracy, for our way of life, for everything that we hold dear about Australia, I think Australia needs to stand up for itself.”

Read and Look at this article.

Make no mistake, Australia is under siege.

Farmer and famed bushranger hunter John Batman arrives in Port Phillip on April 20, 1836, to found a settlement he named Batmania.
Mr Batman signed a treaty with the Kulin people, renting the land for 40 blankets, 30 axes, 100 knives, 50 scissors, 30 mirrors, 200 handkerchiefs, 100 pounds of flour and six shirts.
Famed painter John Glover described Mr Batman as "a rogue, thief, cheat and liar, a murderer of blacks and the vilest man I have ever known".
Mr Batman died three years later of syphilis. The settlement of Batmania would later be renamed Melbourne, Australia.

Collateral damage

Over the past year, China’s trade sanctions have hit industry after industry.

More is at stake than exports alone.

“Unfortunately, “for our democracy, for our way of life, for everything that we hold dear about Australia, I think Australia needs to stand up for itself.”

Read and Look at this article.

Make no mistake, Australia is under siege.
I feel the same for NZ we are basically curtailing to a country that does not value freedom and treats others as slaves like Tibet. One of the most corrupt Regimes in the world.

University of Queensland COVID-19 vaccine still in redevelopment, but won't be available soon

University of Queensland scientists have been re-engineering their COVID-19 vaccine, with two "promising candidates" progressing in the laboratory — but they warn there's no set timeline on when the jab may be ready to inoculate Australians.

Key points:
  • UQ sidelined its coronavirus vaccine candidate after discovering it induced false-positive HIV results
  • A re-engineering project is still in the research and development phase
  • Experts say it is important to diversify Australia's vaccine portfolio
The UQ vaccine is based on molecular clamp technology.

Hey Brian - Saturday 1 May is National Banana Day.

I'll bet your missus has a couple of recipes featuring bananas... maybe you can share some with us.

I am not Brian, nor am I his missus. I make banana bread whenever there are bananas that have ripened too far. (You can toss them in the fridge to speed up the process.) This is pretty much exactly the recipe I follow:

(I only use a couple of cups of banana - or, more accurately, however much overripe banana I have within reason.)
Thanks for sharing, David, I will be sure to check it out :)
Bananas ?.....I hate them. Have done since childhood. are quite correct, 'The Missus' certainly does have some banana recipes.....all of them being variations on the banana cake......nothing to out of the ordinary there !

But....and yes there is always a but travelling not too far behind......

There is this!.....which I have made myself, while resident in the Philippines.......(not for my own consumption, I can assure you.)

As simple to make as a cup of tea. (Well...close anyway)

I am going to try me some of that.

Ta for sharing

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