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ABC is like the BBC in the UK.. poor research.. Slim may have had the biggest hit with the song, but he did not write it, From an original poem by Dan Sheahan it was adapted by the late great Gordon Parsons.
unfortunately the only clip I cant find with Gordon in it is this one

"A Pub with No Beer" is the title of a humorous country song made famous by country singers Slim Dusty (in Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States) and Bobbejaan Schoepen (in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and Austria).

The song was written about his local pub at Taylors Arm, New South Wales, adapted by Gordon Parsons from the original poem "A Pub Without Beer" by Irish poet Dan Sheahan of Ingham, North Queensland, in the Day Dawn Hotel, now known as Lees Hotel, Ingham, Queensland. The song gently explores the "devastation" caused to a pub and its community when its beer supply is interrupted.

The song was first performed in public by Gordon Parsons in 1954 at the 50th birthday of George Thomas, a resident of Creek Ridge Road, Glossodia (near Windsor in Sydney). It was performed with an extra verse that was dropped from Slim Dusty's recorded version, because it contained elements of blue humour.

In January 2018, as part of Triple M's "Ozzest 100", the 'most Australian' songs of all time, "A Pub with No Beer" was ranked number 45.[1]


In 1957, Slim Dusty's version of "A Pub with No Beer" became the first Australian single to become a gold record and was the biggest-selling record by an Australian at the time. It was the first single by an Australian artist to enter the British charts, reaching number three.[2] The song was also covered by country artist Johnny Ashcroft in 1957. His version was also released in the USA and Canada, and reportedly sold over 100,000 copies in Australia on budget-priced plastic-coated cardboard records.

In 1959, Dusty wrote and recorded a sequel, "The Answer To A Pub With No Beer", explaining the reason for the beer delivery truck's failure to arrive and describing the townsmen's efforts to solve the problem. Another sequel, "The Sequel to a Pub with No Beer", shows that the town now has a guaranteed delivery, thanks to air freight.

In May 2001, Australasian Performing Right Association (APRA) celebrated its 75th anniversary by naming the Best Australian Songs of all time. As decided by a 100 strong industry panel, "A Pub With No Beer" was ranked fifth on the list.[3] In June 2008, the song was included in the National Film and Sound Archive's Sounds of Australia registry.[4]
This one may generate a joke or two about Aussies standing upside down at the bottom of the world.

Wild weather in Victoria this week generated an upside down waterfall.


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Best Australian Songs
I am not an Antipodean, but one of my favorite groups were, Here are two of my favorite numbers from them [ you upside down boys may think the second a strange choice]

Nice choice Bwiz :)

I am 6 years younger than you and The Seekers formed in 1962, so you can imagine I grew up singing their songs.

Judith Durham had the voice of an angel.

Judith Durham had the voice of an angel.
One of my favorite all time female singers [others include Doris Day,Karen Carpenter, Mary Travers, Loretta Lynn & Anne Murray ]
and she still had it at the age of 71
Final Farewell Performance....

now don't get upset with this one... a local group to me "The Baron Knights" infamous for their parody songs, did this one about a drunk Aussie going home, you may or not have heard it before as J.Denver complained to the publishers, so in the UK at least it never got air time.

Currently watching this movie. It's based on a novel but based in Australia so just thought I would
share it here.
Have you ever seen a fogbow ?

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