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What's going on out Betoota way?​


Marvel in awe at these spectacular pictures of Cooper Creek, the iconic outback waterway which is famous for being the site where explorers Burke and Wills perished in 1861.

These stunning pics were taken by western Queensland photographer Roxy Weston who's based at Windorah, about 200 km east of the ghost town of Betoota. That's a stone's throw in this vast, empty part of our second-largest state.


mage: Sunset over Cooper Creek. Souce: Roxy Weston Photography.

We mention Betoota because many of you will know the name from satirical website 'The Betoota Advocate'. The site is widely regarded as funny in its own right, but the underlying joke is that you could source a daily news feed from an unpopulated speck on the map.

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Just as a matter of interest.... @sphen


Eight hundred and twenty replies (mainly mwah)....and 76000 views.

I could make all sorts of guesses from those figures...... Just one of them would be that the majority of viewers who are not Australian, may be a bit timid, perhaps in fear of embarrassing themselves?

It is definitely one of the most regularly updated threads on the entire forum

In north-east Ukraine, a small truck emblazoned with a jumping kangaroo delivers help to the most vulnerable — and an Australian is behind the wheel.

Words and photographs by Luke Cody
Updated 18 Feb 2023, 9:34am
Published 18 Feb 2023, 6:30am


Say G'day to Daniel “Rusty” Russell.

Please read it all. It is a longish story.

It may even raise a tear.

Rusty has my vote for Australian of the Year/Decade
A Family went on a Trip to an Australian Island, But were 'invaded' by Coconut Crabs.


They might try to steal your food, but no, they're not aggressive in the slightest. Though obviously I wouldn't go putting my fingers in their pincers, but that's all crabs.
Coconut crabs are kinda awesome. Yeah, I suppose they might pinch you if you deliberately mess with their claws, especially the inner two claws. Other than that, they pretty neat looking critters. They can also get REALLY big.

While I've yet to do so, I have it on good authority that they also happen to be delicious.
I am not a crab eater, but have been told they are not so nice.....apparently they habitually eat dead things.

Whether this affects the taste, I have no idea.
apparently they habitually eat dead things.

Yup. That's also what 'regular' crabs and lobsters eat. They're bottom-dwelling scavengers.

You should see/smell the bait they use for lobster!

They are delicious. I have not eaten coconut crab. I would try it but have never been offered any. I'll try most anything.

On that note, I'm going to turn off my screen. I still feel like crap and rest is a good idea.
This is not just an Australian affects people worldwide, as we all know.

It is not my intention to start a long running debate....however, considered comments are welcome.

however, considered comments are welcome.

I don't think I'm actually qualified to hold an opinion? This is the sorta stuff that I don't understand well enough to even begin offering an opinion.

That is my considered comment. :rolleyes:
Interesting weather.......even Finding nemo gets a mention ....(they like to get a mention)
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This is not about is about our mates across the ditch....New Zealand

They have had a shocking time...... Early last week — Cyclone Gabrielle was hitting New Zealand's North Island

The result of this would go on to leave heartbreak,


"Just as we were getting on the roof I heard a lady come past screaming. I had no idea where she was or what happened," Max recalled.

"As soon as we got some form of light, I managed to see her hands holding on to something.

"So once I thought I could get in there and help her, I swum across and got her.

"She was 70, she was blue, so I took my clothes off and just got her as warm as possible."


Walking through his home, Max Robertson has to crouch down despite the high ceilings.

Through every room, there's about 1.5 metres of silt and mud. It's hardened in some places. In others, you still sink in.

Max gave up on gumboots salvaging his trailer out the back. The thick, wet mud in the shed was above his knees.

There was even silt in the light fittings.


Max. his family and his mate, are hardy looking souls....they need to be.

His sense of humour and inherent toughness rises above the sheer catastrophic force of a cyclone and its aftermath.

Onya Max, hang in there, mate.

Qld farmer John Lawson's remarkable tale of survival after being buried up to his neck in grain silo​

ABC Capricornia
/ By Rachel McGhee and Erin Semmler

It just goes to are never too old to learn from your mistakes

Warning: Very "Aussie" language
A little bit of history....

How 'demon bushranger' Michael Howe fought off a 'drunken buffoon' governor and won​

By James Dunlevie


Hobart Town in 1817, drawn by Lieutenant Charles Jeffreys of the Royal Navy.(Allport Library and Museum of Fine Arts/State Library of Tasmania)


Bushranger Michael Howe shoots at Black Mary, as depicted by Percy Lindsay in Truth newspaper, 1934.(Trove/National Library of Australia)


The proclamation by Governor Sorell for a reward for "apprehension of bushrangers", including Michael Howe, from April 1817.(Trove/National Library of Australia)

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