Australia - The Land Down Under

It's the flattest place in the Southern Hemisphere, and now it's turning into a vast inland sea
Continuous rain, along with floodwater from two major river systems has transformed the landscape.
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Inland sea creates unique challenges as it spreads across south-west NSW

Neat! I saw a recent article that thought they'd linked it to the family and now that's official.

Genealogy with DNA has accomplished a lot, including catching some pretty bad people years and years after the fact.

So, if you're gonna be a criminal, keep in mind that all it takes is your distant relative (one you might not even know) doing one of those online DNA tests. Those databases are open to the police and members of the public. It could be decades before you're caught, but that's all it takes.
It also gives us an idea of the lack of help for mental health problems back then.

This guy died by his own hand (poisoning), alone on a beach. He suffered many prolonged issues, as well as inflicting said issues on his wife as well.
As far as I can tell, there were no children from his marriage....which is maybe just as well.

His great, great niece got it right...""This was a person. He wasn't just a media hit for a little while and an unsolved mystery. He was our family."
It also gives us an idea of the lack of help for mental health problems back then.

Oh, man... That's a subject I don't want to think about. They were still doing lobotomies back then.

I find the history of mental health care kinda interesting, but only in a tourism type of way - shocked at the barbarism. If you ever want an example of how inhumane we can be to our fellow man, look at the history of punishing criminals and dealing with the mentally ill.

For the time being, I am gonna work to not think too much about that.
Ed the Sheep has one incredible survival story to tell. He managed to survive after being swept away in flood waters at Eugowra. He ended up in a second hand and vintage furniture shop, where he was discovered by Firies. While Ed seemed friendly to the firies, he headbutted them as they tried to pat him. Then he decided it was time to go home – he made his way through the CBD, turned left at the Museum and returned home to his owners John and Julie Dukes. Read Ed the Sheep’s full story below.
“There’s a great deal of sadness in Eugowra at the moment. I’m hoping this story may lift some spirits. It’s the amazing story of Ed the sheep,” a post on the Andrew Gee MP Facebook Page read.” Ed joined John and Julie Dukes eight years ago. Life’s been good to Ed at the Dukes’ place and in that time he’s grown into a big boy. In fact when I first met Ed, I commented to John that I thought Ed resembled a small horse! That extra sheep strength probably saved Ed’s life. “Anyway, when the wall of water hit, Ed was in the direct path. Nobody quite knows how he managed it, but he was paddling hard and somehow kept his head above water. “Residents reported seeing him heading downtown still paddling, in the area of the butcher shop. “And then nothing. “When I spoke to John on Tuesday he told me that he thought Ed had been lost. “And then it all changed. “Just over 24 hours after the last sighting of Ed, the firies reported finding a live sheep pinned by some debris in the shop that sells second hand and vintage furniture. “In a very lucky twist of fate the doors of the shop had burst open and Ed had been swept inside.
“The firies freed Ed, and he seemed to be uninjured. “They noticed that he seemed friendly. “And you’d have thought Ed would have been pretty grateful right? “Maybe not so much.
“Ed is known to choose his friends very carefully and when the firies started trying to pat him Ed was having none of it and started head butting them! That’s gratitude for you! It’s not easy being a firie sometimes!
“After Ed had finished with the firies, he simply made his way through the CBD under his own steam, hung a left when he got to the museum, went round the back, and from there got himself home in no time. He even did some quality grazing on the way through!
“He baa-d a big g’day to let the family know he was back home and then had a well-earned siesta in the sun! “When I got to meet Ed, I fortunately didn’t get a head butt. At best it was indifference as Ed focused on dinner. It was a different story with Sinéad who was taking his photo though. He took a shine to her right away and seemed to like getting his picture taken too! “So we salute Eddie and his incredible tale of survival for making us smile when there hasn’t been much to smile about! “He’s a big sheep with an even bigger personality!” **Information and images provided by Andrew Gee MP Facebook Page.


Upon resigning from New York’s Friars Club in 1949, Groucho Marx reportedly gave the explanation, “I don’t want to belong to any club that would accept me as a member”. Thankfully Groucho’s influence didn’t extend far into the Australian bush, where clubs of all sorts and sizes continue to provide vital respite and service for a wide range of people with an even wider range of interests. Sporting clubs, Pony Clubs, book clubs, breed societies and more are explored and explained in Ken Eastwood’s comprehensive Outback story in our new issue.

Elsewhere, this issue takes you from the sodden flood plains of NSW to the broad reaches of the Cape, from the red central deserts to the green paddocks of Tassie. Beautiful, challenging, heart breaking and uplifting – such are the faces of Australia. Any full life will experience the touch of these things. The way we respond to the fluctuations in both our own lives and in others’ is in many ways the measure of us.


A Kelpie doing what kelpies do best...stealing the limelight....the cows didn't even get a look in...or a swim for that matter !

Aussies to the core.
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You would have to wonder why he adopted most certainly would not have been through any displeasure via images of animal cruelty considering the cruelty he inflicted on countless tens of thousands of human beings.....
End of rant/discussion.
Yeah, I submitted it without comment. It was in reference to the 'racist' in your headline.

I guess it was physician ordered. He was also a non-smoker and didn't drink to excess.