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The Sydney Opera House.

A few 'little' things you may not know about it


The organ. Not just any organ.

The world's largest mechanical action organ​


I have often remarked about how I'd love to play an old-timey pipe organ. They're more like conducting an orchestra than they are about playing keyboards. I don't know how to play one, but I hardly think that matters. I'm pretty sure I'd have the best day ever.
I have played the one below. It would have been easy to shatter a few windows......but I kept myself in check!

I have played the one below.

That looks like fun! I want to play the old-school ones, where everything is mechanic. Some of them even have horns and percussion sounds and they're amazing feats of mechanical engineering. I suppose we can make an exception for a modern air supply, so that I don't wear out the boys pumping the billows.

That and bells fascinate me. I'm fairly adept with some instruments, but I find the history of bells and bell ringing to be interesting. I'd like to try something known as 'change ringing'.

Many years ago, bells required effort to be rung. As such, they were rung by strong and burly men. Sometimes, these men would get drunk and lock themselves into the bell tower and ring it until they were good and ready to stop ringing them. 'Cause, you know, nobody's going to start breaking down church doors.

Bells have been a part of so many things, from celebrations to mourning. They have a fascinating history. But, alas, there aren't a whole lot of bell fans left - even though there are still plenty of bells. As we all know, even Big Ben is referring to the bell and not the clock or tower. It's fascinating stuff!
Just to give you the 'fuller' picture...


That thing can just about any sound you like. Care must be exercised, however.......the "windows' I spoke of.....
I've sent out some emails, usually while drunk, and so far nobody has agreed to let me come play their organ. I'd like a three or four hour session with an old-timey organ. It should also be clothing optional, 'cause I'd like to eat some magic mushrooms beforehand.

Needless to say, nobody has so far invited me to come play their pipe organ.


Hermidale Public School's seven students set to harvest their first wheat crop​




The kids can't wait for a break in the rain so they can get the crop off.(Landline: Olivia Ralph)
It should also be clothing optional, 'cause I'd like to eat some magic mushrooms beforehand.

I know this is off-topic, but I have this image of Terry Jones (and sometimes Terry Gilliam) from Monty Python, with what David said.

Good one !!!
I need to day-drink and write more emails. If I ask enough organizations (see what I did there?), one of 'em is bound to let me play their organ.
That line is so close to me being able to retort with a one-liner, but I will observe the bounds of propriety.

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