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In Australia there are many arguments re the subject of vaccination against covid 19.

i will present the case here against mandatory vaccination, in Australia.

I expect any contributors here to keep it cool. No inflammatory remarks, thank you.
This a highly sensitive topic for many people, from many races and many walks of life.

Australia is a multicultural country, and the prospect of mandatory vaccinations means different things to different people

Keep it civil and intelligent or your post will end up in the bin.

Just for the record, I choose to be vaccinated for my own good health.

The bridge was there first !

Sure, but does that make it the most recognizable?

If it matters, I'd immediately recognize both. I once watched a documentary on the harbor bridge, plus I've been to Sydney and I'm pretty sure we crossed the bridge - but did not go into the opera house. I was mostly otherwise distracted. ;) It's like a seven hour drive out of Cann River, so we spent a few days there.
i will present the case here against mandatory vaccination, in Australia.

If I may? From an American perspective:

I am not sure (I've not spent enough time discussing this subject with smart people who are informed, reasonably unbiased, and able to argue logic) that I want the government mandating the vaccine.

I have no problem with an employer mandating the vaccine as a condition of work. There's plenty of precedent for that.

Even as an employee of the government, I've had to be vaccinated. In fact, while fulfilling my contracts they stuck tons of needles into me, sometimes not even technically using a needle but shooting it into me using air (pneumatic injector). That was a part of my contract, a condition of my employment.

At the same time, I reserve my right to opine about those that refuse the vaccine.

Pic number 12.
12. A royal visit
Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip take in the magnificent view of the iconic Sydney Opera House in 2006.

The person standing with Queen Elizabeth is Australia's Prime Minister, John Howard.
Give the man a cigar :)
Australian Missing Persons Register.

Forensic Scientists Demonstrate the Utility of Forensic Genetic Genealogy in an Australian Context
Scientists from the Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine (VIFM) have applied Forensic Genetic Genealogy (FGG) – successful in the US in identifying John and Jane Doe cases - in an Australian context.
This work represents a potential break-through in the area of long-term missing persons and unidentified deceased individuals, where the application of FGG is expected to assist in the identification of these individuals, which will greatly assist the work the VIFM and the Coroners Court of Victoria conducts on long-term missing persons.
While the use of FGG has successfully identified these types cases overseas, to our knowledge, this is the first application of its kind in Australia using unidentified human remain cases.
In 2019, Dr Dadna Hartman from the VIFM and other scientists, began a collaborative research project to evaluate the use of FGG as an investigative tool using a number of unknown deceased cases. Working with Dr Colleen Fitzpatrick from Identifinders International they applied genealogy principles to develop investigative leads.
Cases were selected based on their circumstances, sample availability, and the fact that all currently available forensic methodologies for the identification of unknown deceased persons had been exhausted.
FGG was considered the last opportunity to identify these individuals.
The research considerations for successful application of FGG in these cases included whether there was sufficient representation of Australians in Genetic Genealogy databases to yield links to potential family members, and the availability of genealogy search records to develop investigative leads.
The research outcomes are the first step in the process of evaluation of FGG. Significant work is still required to assess the various components of the FGG process prior to operationalization and use in the identification of unknown deceased persons. This work will be undertaken as part of the Australian Forensic Genetic Genealogy Collaboration with other Law Enforcement agencies, in close consultation with the Coroners Court.
Australia's first set of traffic lights are installed in Sydney's CBD on October 13, 1933.

The lights had been brought in to manage traffic at the intersection of Kent and Market Streets.

I want to take my wife to Australia someday and I want to make it romantic .
You ole softy you !!

Your wife will consider herself lucky.
You ole softy you !!

Your wife will consider herself lucky.
I am the lucky she is a 9 I'm a 3 lol!
But still manage to keep her happy. lol

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