1. M

    Crucial SSD not working, possible controller error

    Hi everyone. I'm trying to get an old SSD to be detected by my Fedora Linux installation. It is a Crucial M4 128GB sata drive which is producing a lot of errors and I fear it might be dead or dying. I currently get these messages when I connect it. Could somebody please interpret what this...
  2. Rafaelys

    Taking better advantage of SSD+HDD config in installation

    Hello, I am recovering my notebook, an old inspiron born in 2014 with a recently deceased HDD, with a new HDD and an SSD, adapting the new HDD via caddy in the optical driver. Thanks to support on other topics here I was able to have a backup in time. So my main question is how to install the...
  3. N

    MX Linux live USB installer not recognizing internal drive

    Hello, I am a first time linux user and I am trying to install MX Linux on my laptop's SSD. I first wiped the SSD and then made two partitions; one for installing the operating system on and one for the Swap thingy. The OS partition was formatted as ext4 and has around 230gb and the swap...
  4. B

    Question about complete bootable os and all program copy in live ubuntu using dd command

    I am upgrading from a 1 tb sata hdd to a 2 tb pciexpress ssd. The old drive is using around 700 gig of space with windows 10 load and my games and programs etc. My plan is to boot to ubuntu live session and use dd command to copy the old drive exactly how the data is written on it to make the...
  5. S

    Installing Linux on PC with two drives?

    I have a SSD drive where I currently have windows 10 and a few other applications and then I have a HDD where I have most of my other files. To switch to Linux (The distro I have in mind is Linux Mint), do I need to clear both drives or just the SSD? Also, two games I enjoy playing have a bronze...
  6. F

    The file system F2FS is broken

    Hello everybody. There was a need to create swap. There was no free partition, so I decided to create swap in a file. I did everything according to the instructions As a result, it was done: dd if=/dev/zero of=/swapfile bs=1M count=4096 chmod 600...
  7. F

    Installation Problems part 2: Linux installers won't recognize my Solid State Drive - Resolved

    Greetings. I have a Dell Inspiron laptop with a solid state drive (SSD). The laptop runs Windows 10, which I don't want too keep. The problem is that neither Debian or Ubuntu will recognize my SSD. This is how I solved the problem. I'm not sure if this will work if you want to dual boot Windows...
  8. G

    Linux Mint 19.1 is not been recognised after successfully installed on SSD in Caddy in place of DVD driver

    + Linux Mint 19.1 is installed successfully on a SSD in Caddy in place of DVD driver, on a Laptop Toshiba Satellite C650 + But after installing, Linux Mint 19.1 is not been recognised. + This SSD itself with the same Linux Mint 19.1, works fine when connecting it externally through an Enclosure...
  9. G

    Cautions during partitioning external SSD for Mint 19.1

    Could anyone please help me to find some previous topics or posts, about:- -- What are the cautions, to be considered while partitioning a new external SSD 120 GB, which will be used entirely for Mint 19.1, as dual boot beside Win7 on the internal HDD? -- In fact, I've searched about it, but...
  10. G

    What is the best partitioning and its sizes for SSD, to contain everything related to Mint 19.1

    What is the best partitioning and its sizes for SSD, to contain everything related to Mint 19.1 ++ For a Laptop, 300GB HDD, 3GB Ram, USB2, with Win7. ++ To install Linux Mint 19.1, with a dual boot with Win7. ++ In the case of installing Linux Mint 19.1, on a 120GB SSD, mounted in a Caddy DVD...
  11. G

    How to install, setup, and then boot, Linux Mint, through caddy SSD?

    Hello Friends ++ I have already completed the step of downloading Linux Mint ISO, on my laptop (of windows 7), and burning it on DVDs and USB flashes. ++ Now, I have the following questions please:- 1 – how to prepare a SSD, in a caddy (placed instead of the DVD driver), to be used as a...
  12. K

    Join two hard drives in "/" directory

    Hi! So I installed Linux a week ago in my SSD and now my hard drive of 1TB is not beign used. Following a tutorial I mounted it in a new folder whose path is "/hdd", I have the following doubt: Will my hard drive will be used in this manner? I mean, I think when an app is installed all the...
  13. D

    Ubuntu Desktop 19.04 install stuck at "write changes to disks?"

    I don't quite remember installing 18.04 desktop, but it was a lot faster. Do I have some sort of hardware issue or why do I get stuck at this step over and over again? It's a dynamic VDI on SSD.
  14. Z

    Deepin installation boot up fails -- error: no such partition

    **************************************************************************************** SOLVED: NO IDEA HOW Never mind. After 100 installations and 20h if suddenly works. No idea how.... **************************************************************************************** Hi guys, I...