MX Linux live USB installer not recognizing internal drive


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Jun 28, 2020
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I am a first time linux user and I am trying to install MX Linux on my laptop's SSD. I first wiped the SSD and then made two partitions; one for installing the operating system on and one for the Swap thingy. The OS partition was formatted as ext4 and has around 230gb and the swap partition has 20gb allocated to it. The entire drive is in MBR mode. I also disabled secure boot and fast boot in the UEFI as well. My laptop only has UEFI and no Legacy BIOS.

I can load MX from the bootable USB drive just fine, but when I go to install it for real, it can't detect my internal SSD or any partitions on it at all. The only drive that it recognizes is the USB drive I am currently using to try and install the damn thing.

I have no idea what to do and have searched for similar problems other people had but had no luck finding a solution. Please help.

Need to reformat you ssd to fat and only have one partition and let the installer format your ssd during installation - generally I turn my BIOS to legacy mode
1) turn bios into Legacy
2) format drive to FAT
3) install Linux and let installer format drive
Personally I have no issues doing this way
Salut! have you wiped, make 2 partition,and more... but with what SW?
You don't speak up about! On the start you mast know Microsoft and Linux are NOT friends... Do you know how many usb are not redeable after go and come-back bitween them? Now i use RUFUS for cleaning key usb and again EASEUS on W7 for reconfigure all. with rufus, you can installing new OS linux and more create a new partition for data...
I see you have no Legacy in Bios - my bad - make sure your BIOS is set to ACHI and not IDE
Do be aware that the OP asked the question nearly 6 months ago, and hasn't been back since (mouse over avatar).

Also, AHCI not ACHI



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