The file system F2FS is broken


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Dec 17, 2019
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Hello everybody. There was a need to create swap. There was no free partition, so I decided to create swap in a file. I did everything according to the instructions As a result, it was done:
dd if=/dev/zero of=/swapfile bs=1M count=4096
chmod 600 /swapfile
mkswap /swapfile
swapon --discard /swapfile
Also added an entry to fstab. swap immediately determined. After a couple of minutes of work, the kde graphical shell fell. I tried to turn off / restart the PC through the terminal, to which I received that the argument of any of the commands is incorrect. Made a hard reset. After starting the PC I get:
:: Loading keymap...done
:: mounting '/dev/sdb2' on real root
[ 3.279565] F2FS-fs (sbd2): Can't find valid F2FS filesystem in 2th superblock
[ 3.299279] F2FS-fs (sbd2): SIT is corrupted node# 174191 vs 586513
[ 3.299312] F2FS-fs (sbd2): Failed to initialize F2FS segment manager (-117)
mount: /new_root: mount(2) system call failed: Structure needs cleaning.
[rootfs ]#_
I tried to run fsck.f2fs /dev/sdb2 through the Linux Mint live mode. What did I get a huge list of damaged blocks for, after which I asked whether to restore files from ./lost_find? Answered Yes. As a result, the recovery failed. I hope there is an opportunity to save my FS.
upd: When asked whether to restore files, answered no, after asking whether to restore the partition - answered yes, then asked whether to restore files - answered no. Posted by Done. The partition is still not mounted, but at startup it now writes
[ 3.277440] F2FS-fs (sbd2): Can't find valid F2FS filesystem in 2th superblock
[ 3.370489] F2FS-fs (sbd2): Failed to read root inode


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Apr 30, 2017
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G'day ForumLiker, and Welcome to

How much RAM do you have ?

It is possible to do without any swap space etc, if you have sufficient ram.....and thus avoid all that drama

eg, I am running Linux Mint with 16GB of ram, no swap space etc

no resulting problems or dramas
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