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    Join two hard drives in "/" directory

    Hi! So I installed Linux a week ago in my SSD and now my hard drive of 1TB is not beign used. Following a tutorial I mounted it in a new folder whose path is "/hdd", I have the following doubt: Will my hard drive will be used in this manner? I mean, I think when an app is installed all the...
  2. D

    Ubuntu Desktop 19.04 install stuck at "write changes to disks?"

    I don't quite remember installing 18.04 desktop, but it was a lot faster. Do I have some sort of hardware issue or why do I get stuck at this step over and over again? It's a dynamic VDI on SSD.
  3. Z

    Deepin installation boot up fails -- error: no such partition

    **************************************************************************************** SOLVED: NO IDEA HOW Never mind. After 100 installations and 20h if suddenly works. No idea how.... **************************************************************************************** Hi guys, I...