Deepin installation boot up fails -- error: no such partition


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Mar 20, 2019
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Never mind. After 100 installations and 20h if suddenly works. No idea how....


Hi guys,

I recently bought a new m.2 ssd in order to create a dual boot system with Linux Deepin & Windows 10. Obviously, I followed the installation guide (just in case). The following problem occurred after the installation when I try to start Deepin 15.9 GNU/Linux.

Error: no such device: .....
Error: no such partition.
Error: no such partition.

So far, I created a working bootable usb. Formatted the ssd before hand in Windows in order to remove everything with the command clean. Rebooted the system, created a efi, root and boot drive press install, filled in the basic user information and the installation is "successful". Rebooted the system, started from the ssd where it is installed on, select Deepin 15.9 GNU/Linux and the previously mentioned error occurred. The same happens when I select one of the other options.

I have been trying to google for a solution, tried to format the partition in different ways, but for some reason it still gives me the same error.

Now I am desperate for help and I hope some one could give me an answer for my problem (which is probably a very easy one).

My system:
  • E3-1231V3
  • MSI H97 Gaming 3
  • MSI GTX 970
  • 16GB DDR3
  • V-NAND SSD 970 EVO PLus (NVMe M.2)
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Don't look a gift horse in the mouth ... and welcome to :)

1. Are you aware that you could use the EFI partition already established for Windows 10, to share with that of Deepin?

2. Were you able to establish that the partition with the UUID commencing 4a05cf68- is a legitimate partition, and is the partition for your root OS, that is the Deepin?


Chris Turner
Never mind. After 100 installations and 20h if suddenly works. No idea how....
Yes, yes! You hit upon the correct 'magic number' of installations to make a Linux work! Very good.
St. IGNuscius will be proud and bless your machine

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