1. S


    I came across to MyDLP on and wanted to test it. I installed Ubuntu Server for the same and tried to follow the steps given here but the repo (deb precise main) given here is no longer...
  2. K

    "end Kernel Panic - not syncing: Fatal exception" during the installation Red Hat 8

    Hi, I'm learning Linux. Until now, I used Centos 7 and I didn't have any issue. I wanted to check Red Hat 8, so I downloaded " Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.4 Boot ISO" (later I tested 8.6 as well) I attach screenshots from the installation to let you know that I'm not doing any mistakes...
  3. G

    Device For Bootloader Installation(Disk or Efi partition?)

    I'm new to Linux Mint. In Linux Mint,at Installer partition manager,there is "Device for bootloader installation.I'm not sure which is the correct one to fill in the space,disk device or efi (ESP)partition. After reading a few posts on this subject matter,there is conflicting advice & no...
  4. B

    RedHat boot and install from ISO in VMware

    Cant boot and install from DVD or ISO with RHEL-8.5.AARCH64-DVD-ISO (RedHat) Downloaded: 8.5.0 aarch64 DVD ISO Connected RHEL-8.5.AARCH64-DVD-ISO to DVD. Booted up But I do not get the black install screen where you can select: [install] Red...
  5. G

    After installing Ubtuntu21.10, and restarted, got BootDevice not Found message

    I install ubuntu 21.10 few times. The installation processes follows the normal steps without any special configuration. Every time, at the end of installation, get the message "Please remove the installation medium, then press ENTER". After removed the USB drive physycally, and click enter key...
  6. L

    How to install this browser on Q4OS?

    Hello, I have found a litte tutorial on how to install a browser on Q4OS 32 Bit. This is the website and these are the commands I tried but failed the first command: wget...
  7. I

    Switching to a Linux Distro (Probably Kali or Ubuntu, haven't decided yet) from Windows 10 (No Dual Boot)

    I would like to completely switch to a Linux Distro (Either Kali or Ubuntu, still deciding) from my Windows 10 Laptop. I know you can do Dual Boot that lets you switch from Linux to Windows and Windows to Linux whenever you want, but I want to make the full switch. Do I just go to the website...
  8. G

    Having Issues with Ubuntu Installation on Lenovo Ideapad 5i Pro

    Hello. I bought the laptop a few days ago without an operating system. Since then I tried to install Ubuntu and was challenged with several errors. I used 'Rufus' to create UEFI and BIOS/UEFI bootable USB, and every time I selected Ubuntu to be installed, the computer showed the following...
  9. D

    nvm solved

    ... I don't know how to delete a post
  10. H

    Can't install Linux, Error: "AMD-Vi: Completion-Wait loop timed out"

    Hey there. So I've been trying to install Ubuntu (full blown linux-noob, but I installed Ubuntu 1 month ago on a notebook without problems and sometimes use tails) yesterday which didn't really work out and today I tried to install Artix instead. Which had similar problems. All I found out...
  11. T

    Unable to use laptop keyboard during installation

    Hi, I'm trying to install linux on a Microsoft Surface laptop to dual boot. I've done this many times in the past over the years on different laptops. No matter what I do, the keyboard doesn't work at all (no keypresses are registered) when trying to install the distro from a bootable USB...
  12. M

    SOLVED (not really): Solution to gentoo wiping progress after reboot

    Problem Hi everyone! I recently went through the complete gentoo setup process and got to the part where I reboot, after having spent about 3 days on this! All Progress Wiped I rebooted with the disc inside because both video tutorials I was watching made no mention it should be removed, and...
  13. M

    SOLVED: Gentoo not responding to commands

    I am trying to set up gentoo from my CD. It was successfully installed and runs off of my CD. All commands were running fine with the beginning "livecd ~ #" However, I accidentally typed "if config" instead of "ifconfig" in order to check my network connections. The beginning "live cd ~ #"...
  14. G

    Grub and nmve disk problems

    I tried to install Debian 10 on a GF63 Thin 95C MSI laptop and it did not go as expected. I have Windows 10 on an nmve disk and an ssd where I have installed Debian 10. During the installation it recognizes both disks because it offers them as options where to install Debian. After installing...
  15. N

    MX Linux live USB installer not recognizing internal drive

    Hello, I am a first time linux user and I am trying to install MX Linux on my laptop's SSD. I first wiped the SSD and then made two partitions; one for installing the operating system on and one for the Swap thingy. The OS partition was formatted as ext4 and has around 230gb and the swap...
  16. superboy2k6

    xfce4 in live cd?

    Is it possible to include some packages and the xfce4 DE in arch linux Live CD?? I would like to have this so that users will boot into a DE instead of a CLI interface. Don't forget that I want some packages to be installed too. Help is appreciated. -Cheers
  17. CptCharis


    Hello everybody!!! What do you think about Snapcraft?
  18. K

    Can't install Kali due to graphics artifacts; live USB works fine

    Hey, I'm having an issue identical the one described here (or here), but I can't find a working solution anywhere. To sum up, I can't install Kali as the screen becomes unreadable both in graphical and text installation mode, but I can run it live and it works perfectly okay. Any ideas on...
  19. Z

    Deepin installation boot up fails -- error: no such partition

    **************************************************************************************** SOLVED: NO IDEA HOW Never mind. After 100 installations and 20h if suddenly works. No idea how.... **************************************************************************************** Hi guys, I...
  20. F

    Microsoft 365 with Wine

    I'm having all kinds of issues trying to get this to work. Probably because I don't know what I'm doing. I tried using playonlinux to install office 10, but I don't know what file to select when it asks for the install file. I feel like it should be obvious, but again, I don't know what I'm...