RedHat boot and install from ISO in VMware


Nov 30, 2021
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Cant boot and install from DVD or ISO with RHEL-8.5.AARCH64-DVD-ISO (RedHat)
8.5.0 aarch64 DVD ISO

Connected RHEL-8.5.AARCH64-DVD-ISO to DVD.
Booted up
But I do not get the black install screen where you can select:
[install] Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.0.0 or
Test this media and install Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.0.0
Only this start menu - please see screenshot.
Enter EFI WMware Virtual SATA CDROM Drive
But nothing happends, So Im stuck on this Boot screen.
Please - see screenshot

Really appreciate your answer

(I'm a beginner when it comes to Linux)


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My first thought is... you downloaded a ARM64 ( AARCH64 ) iso. Do you have an ARM processor?
Chances are, you want the x86_64 version.
Going a bit deeper, there are 2 main processor architectures: x86_64 (sometimes called amd64, but it's the same), and ARM64. Both are 64 bits nowadays.

You can't run software compiled for ARM64 on an x86_64 processor or viceversa, not even in a virtual machine --unless you have an emulator (which you won't have, most likely).

So, for example:
  • if you have an AMD Ryzen or an Intel Core i3, i5, i7, or i9, you are running on x86_64 (or amd64 as it was also called in the old days). in this case your ISO, which is for ARM64 as its name shows, won't work.
  • if you are running on a Raspberry Pi, a Pine64 or a Pinebook, or an Apple with Apple silicon processors (M1, M1 Pro, M1 Max), you are running on ARM64. In such case, that image would work and an image for x86_64 would not.
So you will probably need to check which processor (maker, family and model: e.g.: Intel Core i5) and choose the installation ISO architecture (x86_64, ARM64) accordingly.

If you feel unsure on where to look at in your computer let us know. Also, if you feel unsure on what terms to query at your web search engine of choice, feel free to let us know what microprocessor you have and we will help you choose.
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