Install Ubuntu Server on Synology NAS

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This one is pretty straight forward - network and everything else works right out of the box. I chose the 'server' version because I won't be connecting with this looking for any UI, i'll mainly...

Install Arch Linux on Synology NAS

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Today I installed an Arch VM on my Synology NAS (AMD Ryzen R1600) and ran into a couple of things that I wanted to document and share. The following is a video going through all of the steps to...


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Sometimes you may need some information about the system you are currently using. Whether it is your system or one that belongs to someone else, you may not want to spend a lot of time snooping...

LFCS – Monitoring the Network

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Sometimes, on a network, there can be network issues causing slow connections. The connections themselves may be down, such as you may try to ssh into a system, but the service has failed and you...

DCA – 02 – Docker Swarms

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In this article we will jump into swarms. We will go over how to set one up, load a service, backup and restore a service on a swarm.

The article will cover some details that it may be best to...

Linux in the Late 90s: A Look Back

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The late 90s marked a significant time in the history of Linux. It was during this period that the open-source operating system started to gain mainstream popularity and attract the attention of a...

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