Live - Let's talk dev-ops - introduction

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It was a quick one, but I did a 22ish minute live this thursday with an intro to some great dev-ops / infrastructure tools. Check it out below. I'm going to try and do a weekly live on Thursdays...

Bottles - Run Windows software on Linux with Bottles

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Bottles is a Graphical User Interface (GUI) to aid in setting up the WINdows Emulator (WINE). Bottles has many benefits over WINE by itself.

For anyone who uses WINE, you need to look into...

LFCS – Kerberos Authentication (CentOS7)

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Kerberos is an authentication method that can assign a user a ‘ticket’ after the first sign-on. Once a user has entered a correct password, then they are granted a ‘ticket’ to allow connection...

DVD and Blu-Ray Conversion

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For many users, you may have a need to make a digital copy of a DVD or Blu-ray to view on your system. Viewing can be done remotely if you make a DLNA Server, as I covered in the article...

Bash 04 – Input from User

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A very important aspect of scripts is getting input from the user. If you think of most commands used in your system from a command-line, they mostly use input parameters. Parameters are used to...

Optimizing Linux

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Most Linux systems run well since Linux is not an intensive Operating System (OS) as others.For some systems though, the system may not be optimized to provide great performance.

The performance...

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