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Present Nat uses a Raspbian, CentOS and Kali Linux. Nat thinks that future will use Arch Linux and Gentoo.
Hello Team,
While installing a software in Linux i have received an error

"unlimit: openfiles: can't remove limit.

i have tried to change the predefined numbers of limit to unlimited.
Still the the eroo exsist.
the error comes at the time of running a code
using ./run

If someone has any clue please give an update

Thanks in advance,
Mad props to those who can work linux like nothing. I feel like that grandpa who needs their kids to show them how to use their phone. lol
You'll get there, I'm still a fairly new user but find it satisfying to solve a software or hardware issue that I've been working on. It seems daunting but theres tons of help out there!
It's past midnight in the foothills of Boulder, Co and I'm chastising myself for lapsing with Linux. What a lazy mind I have...
Dont beat yourself up....just jump back in. Nothing much has changed. Lots more people involved, but the basics are still much the same.
hola soy nuevo aqui no entiendo mucho sobre la pagina
Perdona me, me espanol es muy pequeño. pero esta website es por ayuda con Linux preguntas. ? Estas utilizando Linux?
You can type into google translate.....then copy and paste into the forum.
Hi everyone or should I say Hello World! I'm new on the Forum. I am a Linux enthusiast and hope to learn alot here.
Hello. Hope you have a nice time here.
Yes you can learn here, and We will learn from you too
Master Frames
Hi I am using Baselight version 4.4m1 color grading soft ware in Linux Centos 6.4. In the system when they sent me with GPU card Zotac 780TI now the card failed so i need to replace it with another card can you suggest me with alternative GPU card witch supports my grading software as well as Centos 6.4
Thank you
@Master Frames Please don't ask a question on a Profile page where only very few people will see it. Ask your question on the Forums where a lot of people will see it and possibly give an answer. Go here Click on the "Post New Thread" button and ask your question there again.
Master Frames
Thank you very much