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hy guuys i have installed linux in my pc but i hack my wifi but my wifi is very strong so i dont have wordlist space for this ...so what i do ...pplease contact me as soon as posible..
Your Profile Status is not good for technical discussion. Please go to the Forum Page and click the bright orange button to Post Thread. You might choose Linux Networking for a wifi problem, but General Linux or Getting Started would also be good choices.
i am glad to see all back
i got a problem
i have a dell pc in which kali 2019 doesnot works
it opens the browser in a minute
so can help me to download the old kali images
please help me i am so tired in kali 2019
A bit late in your day but Happy Birthday Arochester! Hope it was a good one and you enjoyed some Pizza brought back from ... Pisa :) Chris
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I'm even later, but Happy Birthday! :)
i just downloaded debian strech and its working flawlessly
i cloned linuxcnc-plasmac then cd to linuxcnc-plasmac/debian
and then ./configure -a (]it says no realtime kernals found)
also installed realtime kernal linux-image-
also tried to booting it from grub boot screen but after boot it says same ( no realtime kernals found)
G'day @Bhushan - if you have a support question start a Thread at Getting Started or General LInux. Thanks wizard