Solved What Linux OS Should I Use For My "VERY" Laggy Computer

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If you're going to run Linux on it, then personally I would go for the AMD graphics cards as they are better supported
Just a recommendation from a "cheap" linux user -- who never had a problem with ebay
Laggy? You call that laggy? :O
I'll show you LAGGY!

I'm also using a 2001 Sony VAIO. 256MB RAM (maximum, unless someone knows how to put in more). PCG SRX77 model. Pentium 3 800MHz (count `em!) processor. 32-Bit of course. 16/24-Bit color, although in Puppy Linux mode it seems to be 32-Bit. Integrated Intel chip. It cannot play "Undertale." It has one USB 1.0 port, so no USB Operating System loading.

And if that isn't enough let me tell you about my 2006 Windows CE Sylvania netbook! Bwu-ha-ha-ha-ha!

I'm wondering which actual Linux distros would be best for those two devices...

If that computer of yours has a 2.0+ USB port did you know you can load a Puppy Linux distro directly into the RAM with a USB stick? That is what I'm doing with the ASUS and its broken hard drive. With 4GB RAM memory this should give you quite a few options, and if your device is 64-Bit you can choose 64-Bit or 32-Bit distros to load.
Which doubles as a heater...
my old Athlon x2 -6000 use to run a bit hot, and that was with a cooler that looked like a chemical works
I'll avoid the peeing match, and suggest that if the OP is buying the Dell, then this Thread, by its subject tile, is complete. And/or it can be listed as [SOLVED] by him (edit the title from your first Post).

Before I go, though, I will say that I have used Dells (in a majority of cases) for 17 years, and 12 of those with Linux. With my current Inspiron rig (including a 4 TB WD external) I run 78 Linux.

I could do with that 128 GB RAM though, might have to consider a desktop next.

I use AMD on it.

I really doubt puppy linux doesnt work on your system. Really, it runs even on my old nc6320 with 900mb of ram and a 32 bit core duo
I am new here too - today! :) so I am very wary about mentioning the LXDE environment but if you would like to have LO Writer loaded + Ffox with four tabs open - three of them running web page videos - simultaneously on a 2008 laptop with 3GiB RAM - so easy? I also recorded several screencast videos whilst all three were playing. If anyone is interested in such - please ask and I will gladly give you full information - Never seen Swap -
I'm closing this as the OP intended and marking it as solved.

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