What distro would you recommend for an old sony laptop?


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Aug 12, 2021
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I'd like to switch to linux so it won't be a total garbage...

Hello Laude Welcome to Linux.org,

Give us some info on the Machine. Processor, Ram, Model, and age?
The Distro recommendations would be based first on your hardware then your needs.
Most major Distros have live .iso so you can test the hardware and get used to Linux before you install. That would be a good place to start. But it will greatly depend upon the hardware being supported.
Sony vgn-CS19W, it runs on a 64 bit dual core processor, has 4 gb of ram
My suggestion for that machine would be to try MX-Linux xfce desktop. Download the .iso file and burn it to DVD or USB if the machine can boot from USB. I would use Etcher to burn the USB stick with.
For help on installing go here.
Sony vgn-CS19W
That is not old.... it will run most 64 bit Linux distributions, download a few and try running them live, we can all recommend our favorite distro but it may not be your favorite, desktop appearance varies wildly, if you have no experiance of Linux i would suggest you start with Ubuntu with the mate desktop, Mint with the cinnamon desktop MX with its version of XFCE and Debian stable with the lxde desktop, those will give you a broad idea of look and feel and who knows you might like one straight away

Ok thanks
Your welcome but as others will tell you the final choice is kinda personal so try a few live if you can. Brickwizard gave you some good ones. Enjoy and let us know how you make out.

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