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Oct 11, 2022
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I'm running Ubuntu 22.04 in a VM and have this error pop up when trying to install certain pieces of software.


I can bypass the issue by choosing permanently, but I'm wondering where is the config for this stored? Also, why is it happening? Is it something with where I'm trying to download the software from, or is it due to something on my end? Thank you.

I did not have any real time, but I peeked quickly. Look at the output of this command:

$ host is an alias for is an alias for has address has IPv6 address 2a00:1098:82:6::1
$ host has address

When I looked at, my browser was redirected to If your system is using a certificate for (or * to authenticate, then the authentication will fail. Could that be it?

The certificate was valid. It came from a trusted certificate authority, but was the wrong certificate for a domain. The * certificate was also valid if you went to the website directly.

Does that help?
Thank you for those details. I was trying to keep the question simple but here is a bit more information.

I have an Unraid server within a company department. Something is blocking it from getting patches and whatnot and I suspect it's the same issue as what I saw in the Ubuntu VM. With Ubuntu I can temporarily or permanently allow the download to happen, but in Unraid I don't have that option, so I am trying to figure out where the config file is that stores the permanently allow flag to see if that will allow Unraid to download its patches.
That looks a bit like SSH. The 'svn' command at the top doesn't mean anything to me, however.

If it's using SSH behend the curtains, you can disable security checks. I'm not sure that doing so is a good idea, but I've come across tips to do so in the past. Heck, it might even be in my notes somewhere.

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