Today's article is just the 'monthly' meta article...


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Jul 23, 2020
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I say 'monthly' but I don't always remember to do one every month. It's just an update about the site, letting folks know what's going on behind the scenes.

Though, @Brickwizard might be interested in some of the stats this month. I suspect they'll be pleasantly surprised.

Hmm... I'm gonna say feedback is welcome, though I'm not sure what that feedback would look like. So, fire away!

I mentioned it in the previous meta article and left a hint - but didn't ping you. This is the 2nd month that it has held that position. It might have been 3rd last month, I'm too lazy to look it up (just search for meta, if you're curious), but I'm pretty sure it was in the top 3.

The traffic probably all comes from here as the page doesn't rank well in search engines. If you search for the exact title it shows up, but it's still not in the top few spots (and the vast majority of people click the first few search results instead of looking deeper).

Less than 10% of my traffic comes from this site, as most of the traffic comes from Google.

So, it's people following the link in your signature, following your recommendations, or following the link if other people post it.

This month, so far at least, that page has been viewed 810 times - which should be mostly human visits as the stat software I'm referring to is pretty good at weeding out bot traffic. You can probably subtract about 10% as still being bots. (No stat software is perfect. Relying on just one is not all that helpful.)

That's not bad as 2022's results are being reported as about 50%, that is that 50% of all the web's traffic is bots, computers talking to computers. I suspect their estimate is lower than reality but I am probably not qualified to assert that as factual.

I got less lazy... It was 3rd last month...


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