Today's article has you compressing files in Lubuntu...


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Jul 23, 2020
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More specifically, you'll see how to zip files in Lubuntu's terminal. This isn't a very complicated task, but it's one folks might need. You can also do this graphically if you'd prefer, though I haven't written an article about how to do so. Lubuntu users shouldn't have to install zip, as it should be installed by default. But, I hate to assume the default is still true and that means there are installation instructions.

All-in-all, it's a short article that is (hopefully) easily followed by even the most new Lubuntu users.

Also, these directions will more or less work for other distros. If you're not in the same package manager family you'll need to change the command to install zip (if it's not already installed). Other than that, it should work just fine. I wrote it to be Lubuntu-specific because I'm trying new things (and wanting to see what the impacts are with regards to search engines).

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