• We had to restore from a backup today after a failed software update. Backup was from 0000 EDT and restored it at 0800 EDT so we lost about 8hrs. Today is 07/20/2024. More info here.

timeshift just save my day


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Jun 7, 2023
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i broke linux yeah for some reason
After 12h try but nothing(6h-18h
Then lucky come i use timeshift to recovery
note: Timeshift is the best

Congratulations. Timeshift can be a part of your backup process. There's more to it, so I'm going to suggest this page:

You may need to use a translator. I had one on the site, but it went bonkers and I've yet to replace it.
It's not a good idea to rely entirely on Timeshift...creating a system image and storing it on an External HDD is better.
Much safer to create a system image and a backup and favour the system image.
Puppy doesn't need it, of course. A copy of your save-folder and a copy of the ISO, and.....you're laughing. 5 minutes later, you're back up & running again.

But I DO urge any Puppy users to copy their 'save' to a safe location. You can always replace system files; that's the simple part. It's replacing all those personal settings/tweaks/customizations that takes the time.....and it goes without saying; always save stuff to an external partition or - preferably - a completely separate drive.

It saves much future aggravation if you make sure there's nothing critical anywhere on your rig itself. If it does go "tits-up", there's nothing to worry about.....

Mike. ;)
Those who take hacking as a profession ... must be pissed off by Puppy. That's why they hacked the Puppy forums to vent their frustration.
I keep OS(es) and data separately, so any OS I use, I will be up in a few minutes.

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