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I'm not sure when/why they concluded that they rode brooms,
Witches on brooms, is believed to go back to our pagan rituals of jumping and dancing astride a brush made from Broom during the festival of Samhain, the oldest known images of flying witches is in the early 12th century [france]

Then, well, those bills aren't all that bad! LOL Those bills are downright small if you live in the US.

As I'm fond of saying... "Lessons were learned."

This is not a competition, but I was a passenger in a pretty spectacular automobile wreck. My bills topped 7 figures by the time I was mostly done.

I still haven't settled with the insurance company, mostly 'cause I'm pretty pleased that they keep paying any bill I send 'em. I'm in no rush to settle. I've got about three more years before I need to start the proceedings.

Which leads me to...

Again, it's not a competition. What it is, is a statement about the value of good insurance.

What we can't do, unless we're really careful, is talk about single-payer. Politics is off-limits - but medicine shouldn't really be all that political. From a medical viewpoint, I feel everyone should get treatment at least kinda similar to what I got.

Gotta be careful as politics is strictly off limits.

Now, onto the meat of what I was going to say. Depending on where you went to the hospital, they may have scaled billing, where your bill is based on what you earn.

Another one, pioneered by a hospital not too far from me, is that the hospital lets you work off your bill. I know that sounds odd, but they have you scrubbing floors and mowing lawns. You're not actually conducting surgery to pay off your bill.

Entirely unrelated...

I recently had a cyst in my calf muscle. It was a bit aggravated so I sanitized an x-acto knife and cut it out. I then kept it clean and dressed for a few days and it was fine. I'm a long ways from a hospital and it was just the easiest path. The missus was kinda concerned but it's not the first time I've done so.

Hmm... Yeah, this is a wine-fueled novella. Ah well...
Dr F: "I can Remove that hump".
Igor: "What hump"?
Dr F: "I can Remove that hump".
Igor: "What hump"?

Man, that's an old post. Much has changed since then. For example, I've settled with the insurance company.
yeah, but I just couldn't resist.
It's all good. I haven't done any minor surgeries on myself lately.

In fact, I saw a real doctor just yesterday.
To hell with that. Linux guys are 100% DIY!

Get your prio's straight! :p

I dunno... They want me to see a cardiologist. I'm not sure if I can manage that one on my own.

I did take some elective courses and did dissect (with others) a human cadaver. So, I suppose I could drill a few holes and run some jumper cables to my heart. I don't think that'll help, it's just the only thing I can think of. In fact, I have the opposite problem.

I have tachycardia (not a fatal issue) and I've had it for as long as they've been counting how often my heart beats. I'm pretty sure shocking my heart isn't going to help that. My resting BPM is anywhere between 120 and 135 BPM. It has always been like that.

Weirdly, my blood pressure is normal - until I've been prone for a while. It then drops out when I stand up.

That's kinda new but not entirely new. I'm on a sleepy med that makes it worse.

I'm not positive, but I think those are a bit bigger than a scalpel and some rubbing alcohol.

Meh... Life is a terminal disease.
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