<solved> Debian 10 - firmware missing; no network

I would suggest you download MX linux it should work well for you and has a ton of support. Based directly on debian so you learn some of that distro also
Good suggestion. Go with MX.

Thx guys,

Just 1 q:
Are the Ethernet drivers included in the ISO? I'm a little wary of being stuck again.
Due to most of the major distro's now discontinuing 32 bit the choice for us with 32 bit boxes is getting slim, I too recommend MX, but i will point out it is designed as a business system so has more inbuilt security

whilst im still hear.. yes it is a fully installable distro

edit ..this is the one you need MX-19.4_386
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I think MX will work well for you. It comes with the drivers you'll need. Good luck.

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