Rock Roxx

Gosh, more good stuff for me to listen to while I am working tomorrow, thanks Tom, thanks Fishy.

I also used to sing the following, released as a single in 1981 from their 1980 album, by Canadian band Loverboy, Mike Reno on vocals.


ahh LOVERBOY had total forgotten about them .......... ! ! !
The chicks liked them, so I liked them it was really simple.

From your link - with my old search history it gave a string of some pretty good tunes.


Ok poorguy your link from Glenn Frey the heat is on a few from there yields something like this.
Not a bad run

I had to add this the A-10s go pretty good with KICK START My HEART
I'm really into air shows.

Good tunes cool vids -the oldest daughter has always had a plane obsession, she ended up with an Air Force man he was a mechanic for the A-10s he finished his career with 188th Wing "Hogs" out of Ft.Smith.

but back to the music - a few that have always held a special place.


Some sad news from our country's version of 60 Minutes Sunday night just passed, is that Olivia Newton-John is battling Stage 4 breast cancer.

Link is here

I am not inclined at this moment to post some of her amazing music and clips, because she is not dead and has a positive attitude.

I have followed Olivia's career literally for more than 50 years. I wish her, and her family, all the very best for the time that is to follow. Olivia will be 71 on 26 September (a day before my birthday).

Australia had two female artists who became the biggest female vocalists in the world - Helen Reddy, and then Olivia Newton-John.

Here's Helen Reddy.

It's pretty hard for me to get too much John Farnham.

Here's John, doing the best cover of AC-DC's song since them themselves

and then, AC-DC themselves, also Australian

Still on all things Farnham, it seems.

John's best friend for many years has been his Manager, Glenn Wheatley, whom he calls "Wheats".

Wheatley, in turn, was guitarist for one of our early export groups, The Masters Apprentices.

Jim Keays (died 2014) was vocalist.

Here is one of their many hits, if you are of the right vintage you may recognise it.

Cheers all, it's Friday here, so


The number 35 seems to have featured in my life many times.

By the time I was 35 I had seen 35 concerts. I had also seen two films - musicals, 35 times each.

One was The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Here's a track from it I enjoy

Cheers all and Avagudweegend