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I've been playing around with colors and icons, and I think it's shaping up quite nicely. It's amazing how a few tweaks can make such a difference.


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Chances are that you have never seen a vehicle exactly like this before!

Screenshot at 2024-02-14 08-16-00.png

This was a winter-time project of mine back around 1992.
I had a 1978 Dodge Van that was getting to the point of sending to junkyard - full of body rust.
However it still ran very good.
Soooooo Off with that old rusty metal body and on with the new wooden body.
CommandResult Cinnamon Spice on Linux Mint with a bunch of system monitoring commands.
Usually sits on a side monitor. Everything is refreshed every 2 seconds.
Formatted such that it fits cromulently on half of a 1080P monitor with windows being able to tile next to or on top of it.


If you want to replicate something like this, the commands used and the config file are attached as a zip file to this post.

You'll likely need to install some packages and tweak the commands to fit your hardware. Requires a bit of console fu to make it all align cromulently on screen, but hopefully having a working example makes it easier.

Don't be scared of the long commands, during my journey making this I discovered useful commands I didn't know existed. It's a learning experience. Water is warm, come on in.

All of the information I can give is in the zip file. Memory, Network Addresses and Kernel sections can just be copied and pasted onto any Linux system. The other sections require editing for hardware differences.

If you're going to use my work, post your work built upon this in this thread so I can see people making use of it and possibly learn something. If it's unsuitable for a desktop and this thread, just PM me. Love to see useful tech.



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I have created new icons that go quite well with my new background. For those who prefer elegance, it's a very good blend, in my opinion. :)


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This beast won't be on my desktop for a long time to come (nothing can beat the American goddess of beauty :p), but I thought I should share the beast cuz someone might like it.

1972 Plymouth Roadrunner Supercharged HEMI:

Screenshot-wY2e7XaQv78-2024-02-18T10-45-12-456Z.png Screenshot-wY2e7XaQv78-2024-02-18T10-52-31-304Z.png
New month, new picture of the goddess. :D
I know I probably don't get out enough ("I aint got no culture!"), but who is that, anyway?
Supergirl, Mike - keep up with the program, @rado84 loves Supergirl.


Oof! I -really- aint got no culture. :p
Supergirl, Mike - keep up with the program, @rado84 loves Supergirl.


Correction: loves Melissa Benoist, regardless of the role she plays. It just so happens that Supergirl has 6 seasons, thus I was able to take more screenshots of Melissa. But I have shots from Waco, if you prefer.

And so do you, btw, but IDK why you refuse to admit it. :D :p


OS - Debian 12 KDE Plasma

(theme: Sweet KDE)

Screenshot 1: Doctor Who series (season 4, episode 6: the Doctor's daughter)

Screenshot 2: Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets (film)

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