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Mar 21, 2019
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There is constant growth of operating systems and software. They also make old systems inoperable, under pretense of security. There could be only one reason for that - to force people throw away working equipment and buy new ones. For example, i dont need stupid security; i have one text file with passwords, and that's all my security. Is there anywhere in the world one model of computer, laptop that is manufactured constantly with one os, without the stupid development?
The most sad thing is that they use the simpliest things to make os unusable, it is internet, skype and other essential things; for example you can use windows xp today, but it will be a pc without internet and skype. Why there is no programmer in the world who could make a working internet browser, skype for xp? Is it the same with linux? Then what is the point of having linux, only that it is free? There are illegal windows copies that are also free.
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Can i use it normally, at least have a working internet browser and skype? Skype 32 bit is not supported, i know.

Skype itself it being phased out by Microsoft.

They are encouraging people to switch to Teams. There is a Linux version of Teams.

I have been using it for a couple of months now. I do not know if there is a 32-bit version.
I have also used zoom

and slack

Both these have worked well. But again, I'm not aware of 32-bit versions.
Are you absolutely sure that you have a 32 bit machine?

It was cheaper to put 32-bit Windows on a 64-bit machine rather than 64-bit Windows - so it is possible to have a 64-bit machine and not realise it.
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ok, i should forget about skype. i read that some browsers still support xp, i dont know if it is true and for how long. i have another pc with old ubuntu and its browser says it's outdated and barely loads sites, youtube is barely supported and many other things. what is better to use - xp or old ubuntu?
arochester, how is it possible that win10 installed on 2008 machine? perhaps it is a strange coincidence, i dont believe it is possible. your problem should have been the same as mine - to make old os work.
Are you absolutely sure that you have a 32 bit machine?
i know its 32 because 64 ubuntu did not install on it.
i have two laptops one 32 acer extensa 2009, another 64 lenovo g580 2014, they are both old and unusable today.
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Can't always go by that either. Some BIOS's let you disable 64-bit extensions.
Do you know what CPU you have?
And if the install was broken? Have you been able to try it on other machines? Did you verify the MDSUM? How did you burn it? How many files are on the disk?
... what is better to use - xp or old ubuntu?
Neither. Both are security risks, and that fact is out of your control. OSes must always be updated, upgraded, changed. Because security must be accommodated, and OSes must be improved. When that happens, older less used pieces of hardware are no longer supported. To continue to support every piece of old hardware ever, would result in an unloadable kernel and all it's modules.

I will be very unhappy when my perfectly usable Toshiba A135 32 bit laptop will no longer be supported. But it happens, life goes on. There is now a lot of less old 64 bit computers available for you and me and most are relatively cheap and are supported by most modern Linux distros.

XP is a piece of junk, as are the Linux distros of the same era.
so i installed xp, but even in browsers which could be used with xp, such as uc and some others, these in fact made them impossible to be used: for example i cant sign in in google, constant message "your connection is not private", some sites cannot be loaded at all. but then accidentally i found a chinese browser 360 and it almost works! even web., althouth some sites display "connection is not private". so this is exactly what i need: simple system with zero security and stupid updates, but with functional web browser. why there is no browser that officially supports xp and gets updated? is it too difficult to create one? it is easier to keep just web browser updated than the whole system, there is demand for such browser by normal people who use good old hardware.
still it works like sh*t. most pages are unloadable, problems with certificates and so on.
Maybe look at something like Puppy or Debiandog - something lightweight there is also Tazpup (Slitaz working on top of Puppy Kernel) - check out Murga Forums
Maybe look at something like Puppy or Debiandog - something lightweight there is also Tazpup (Slitaz working on top of Puppy Kernel) - check out Murga Forums
in linux there is another problem, some distros dont see my usb huawei modem, they dont see my wifi coming from old smartphone (on which apps barely work too), all my equipment is old! xp for me seems to be a perfect system, if only it had functional web browser and skype/viber.

Mypal seems to be a good browser.
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There are alternatives to Skype
Thanks for that I was thinking about this the other day. I had downloaded viber and when I goes to set it up it says put in your phone number. Well it is useless putting my phone number in because it is not a dumbing down phone just a Nokia brick. So I just removed it and was thinking about putting a call in here about alternatives.
But this gave me the Jami site and will sit on it and think on it and decide whether to use it or not.
Or may hap one of the other alternatives.
Still viber doesnt work on xp in both 32, 64 bit versions. Im just wondering: why the hell they make it impossible to connect? It is not a matter of f.. ing support, they just intentionally cut it on their side with only one purpose to not allow people use it and throw to garbage computers and systems; otherwise it would have been possible to use all versions of skype and viber without support.
Unfortunately linux follows in footsteps of windows - work for profit and parasitism. Just like in general economics in the current times of garbage and one time use things, there is a need for alternative system; so i thought of linux as of communists in computer world. Unfortunately they are not. Why the hell they cannot support old versions for indefinite time as long as equipment on which they were installed exist? I mean support without stupid security, just functional web browser and basic apps like skype. Because If in order to use web you need to switch to a new version - it is impossible, everything goes to hell.

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