Parasitic computer industry

w when you plan to start and then give us updates as to the progress you are having with your 'team'.
Maybe we should ask developers of these apps -
mypal supports xp today, not perfect but works, can open most sites;
dolphin - works on android 2, can open gmail, but cannot drive, play youtube;
viber - still works on xp and android2.
the question is how long they are going to support old systems.
I'm an old guy.
When I was a kid, .. no computers. no web. No internet. No cell phones.
No linux forums. No facebook, no Amazon, no eBay.
I know there are people out there that wish we never had computers, cell phones, or the internet (some days I'm that person).
The thing is... technology keeps on moving. There'll be new things in a year
or two that don't exist now. Maybe 3-d holographic video chat, who knows.
But whatever it is...
The stuff you're using today will be old news. I agree new isn't always better.
But the people drive the industry. All this new technology wouldn't be moving forward if no one used it, if no one bought into it. But here we are.
We can complain about it. Or we can enjoy what we have and look forward to the next "big" thing.

...stepping off soapbox now.
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what is bad about mypal browser is that it is constantly loading something eating up traffic, you cannot stop page from loading (it wont stop until it loads everything on that page, whereas in normal browser you press stop and page stops loading at that level). for example you move cursor and it starts loading, pressing esc/stop stops for a while, then continues.
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I would be surprised if the Refresh button was not the same button as the stop button - Had a look at several pictures of the browser and it is to the right of the forward and back buttons <--> and to the left of the Home Page button.
I would be surprised if the Refresh button was not the same button as the stop button
No this button doesnt stop the page. There are browsers where you press stop and it stops loading everything, this browser resumes loading stuff as you scroll page or move cursor. It also lacks the most important extensions - text mode and stop button, its only possible to switch off pictures but does not protect from adds sh*t. Is there a programming way to stop loading page or a software for xp with stop button?
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or a software for xp with stop button?

You might get a better response if you asked a Windows forum instead of a Linux forum...

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