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Oracle Linux 6.10 update to Oracle Linux 7.6 Preupg result!


Jan 13, 2023
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I want OL 6.10 update to OL 7.6. The result of the command gave the following information, will I have a problem if I install it?

The '/root/preupgrade/dirtyconf/etc/rsyslog.conf' file already exists in the dirtyconf directory
The '/root/preupgrade/cleanconf/etc/ssh/sshd_config' configuration file already exists in the '/root/preupgrade/cleanconf/etc/ssh' directory
The '/root/preupgrade/dirtyconf/etc/sysconfig/rhn/up2date' file already exists in the dirtyconf directory
Result table with checks and their results for 'main contents':
|Bacula Backup Software                                                                        |notapplicable     |
|PostgreSQL                                                                                    |notapplicable     |
|Oracle Directory Server                                                                       |notapplicable     |
|Arptables                                                                                     |notapplicable     |
|BIND9 in a chroot environment                                                                 |notapplicable     |
|BIND9 configuration compatibility                                                             |notapplicable     |
|Moving the 'dhcpd' and 'dhcrelay' arguments                                                   |notapplicable     |
|Dovecot                                                                                       |notapplicable     |
|OpenLDAP server daemon configuration                                                          |notapplicable     |
|SMB                                                                                           |notapplicable     |
|Sendmail                                                                                      |notapplicable     |
|Squid                                                                                         |notapplicable     |
|VSFTP daemon configuration                                                                    |notapplicable     |
|Added and extended options for BIND9                                                          |notapplicable     |
|Load balancer support                                                                         |notapplicable     |
|w3m browser                                                                                   |notapplicable     |
|The qemu-guest-agent package                                                                  |notapplicable     |
|TaskJuggler                                                                                   |notapplicable     |
|Custom SELinux configuration                                                                  |notapplicable     |
|Samba SELinux context check                                                                   |notapplicable     |
|FreeRADIUS                                                                                    |notapplicable     |
|The bind-dyndb-ldap configuration file                                                        |notapplicable     |
|Identity Management Server                                                                    |notapplicable     |
|IPA Server CA                                                                                 |notapplicable     |
|OpenLDAP /etc/sysconfig and data compatibility                                                |notapplicable     |
|System Security Services Daemon                                                               |notapplicable     |
|Tomcat configuration compatibility check                                                      |notapplicable     |
|Detection of Direct Access Storage Device (DASD) format on s390x platform for LDL format      |notapplicable     |
|The clvmd and cmirrord daemon management                                                      |notapplicable     |
|Device Mapper Multipath                                                                       |notapplicable     |
|The scsi-target-utils packages                                                                |notapplicable     |
|The quorum implementation                                                                     |notapplicable     |
|The krb5kdc configuration file                                                                |notapplicable     |
|AIDE                                                                                          |notapplicable     |
|java-1.8.0-ibm compatibility check                                                            |notapplicable     |
|The kernel-kdump package                                                                      |notapplicable     |
|PHP modules not distributed by Oracle                                                         |notapplicable     |
|Ruby 2.0.0                                                                                    |notapplicable     |
|Oracle Network Classic unsupported                                                            |notapplicable     |
|Oracle Subscription Manager                                                                   |notapplicable     |
|The 'tuned' profiles                                                                          |notapplicable     |
|Yaboot                                                                                        |notapplicable     |
|NIS ypbind                                                                                    |notapplicable     |
|NIS Makefile                                                                                  |notapplicable     |
|NIS server maps                                                                               |notapplicable     |
|NIS server UID_MIN and GID_MIN limits                                                         |notapplicable     |
|The NIS server configuration file                                                             |notapplicable     |
|MySQL data stack                                                                              |pass              |
|POWER6 processors                                                                             |pass              |
|Input drivers not supported in Oracle Linux 7                                                 |pass              |
|Kernel networking drivers not available in Oracle Linux 7                                     |pass              |
|Kernel storage drivers not available in Oracle Linux 7                                        |pass              |
|Dnsmasq                                                                                       |pass              |
|Net-SNMP                                                                                      |pass              |
|Reusable configuration files                                                                  |pass              |
|time-sync.target                                                                              |pass              |
|The OpenSSH sshd_config file migration                                                        |pass              |
|The quota_nld service                                                                         |pass              |
|Moving the disk quota netlink message daemon into the quota-nld package                       |pass              |
|Detection of LUKS devices using Whirlpool for password hash                                   |pass              |
|Backing up warnquota                                                                          |pass              |
|Add-Ons                                                                                       |pass              |
|Unsupported architectures                                                                     |pass              |
|Debuginfo packages                                                                            |pass              |
|Read-only FHS directories                                                                     |pass              |
|Requirements for the /usr/ directory                                                          |pass              |
|Cluster and High Availability                                                                 |pass              |
|CGROUP_DAEMON in sysconfig scripts                                                            |pass              |
|Checking the system version and variant                                                       |pass              |
|CA bundles                                                                                    |pass              |
|Oracle Developer Toolset                                                                      |pass              |
|Obsoleting Hardware Abstraction Layer                                                         |pass              |
|Hyper-V                                                                                       |pass              |
|Ethernet interface naming                                                                     |pass              |
|The /etc/rc.local and /etc/rc.d/rc.local files                                                |pass              |
|Pluggable authentication modules (PAM)                                                        |pass              |
|System requirements                                                                           |pass              |
|Oracle Software Collections (RHSCL)                                                           |pass              |
|Copying Kickstart                                                                             |pass              |
|The libuser.conf file                                                                         |pass              |
|MySQL configuration                                                                           |informational     |
|Changes related to moving from MySQL to MariaDB                                               |informational     |
|NFSv2                                                                                         |informational     |
|Postfix                                                                                       |informational     |
|VCS repositories                                                                              |informational     |
|Added options in dnsmasq                                                                      |informational     |
|The coreutils packages                                                                        |informational     |
|The gawk package                                                                              |informational     |
|Removed command line options                                                                  |informational     |
|The netstat binary                                                                            |informational     |
|Quota                                                                                         |informational     |
|The util-linux (util-linux-ng) binaries                                                       |informational     |
|GMP library incompatibilities                                                                 |informational     |
|CVS                                                                                           |informational     |
|httpd                                                                                         |informational     |
|Network Time Protocol                                                                         |informational     |
|The warnquota tool                                                                            |informational     |
|FHS incompatibilities                                                                         |informational     |
|File systems, partitions, and the mounts configuration                                        |informational     |
|Removable media in the /etc/fstab file                                                        |informational     |
|Libraries with their soname kept                                                              |informational     |
|Consequences of upgrading to RHEL 7.6 instead of the latest RHEL minor version                |informational     |
|Perl modules not distributed by Oracle                                                        |informational     |
|PolicyKit                                                                                     |informational     |
|UEFI boot loader                                                                              |informational     |
|The yum configuration file                                                                    |informational     |
|SSH configuration file and SSH keys                                                           |fixed             |
|Package downgrades                                                                            |fixed             |
|Custom SELinux policy                                                                         |fixed             |
|CUPS Browsing and BrowsePoll                                                                  |fixed             |
|The OpenSSH sysconfig/sshd file migration                                                     |fixed             |
|Logical Volume Management 2 services                                                          |fixed             |
|Grubby                                                                                        |fixed             |
|Dangerous ranges of UIDs and GIDs                                                             |fixed             |
|File lists for the manual migration                                                           |needs_inspection  |
|Graphic drivers not supported in Oracle Linux 7                                               |needs_inspection  |
|Compatibility between iptables and ip6tables                                                  |needs_inspection  |
|Moving openssh-keycat                                                                         |needs_inspection  |
|Changed configuration files                                                                   |needs_inspection  |
|Rsyslog configuration incompatibility                                                         |needs_inspection  |
|Changes in utilities                                                                          |needs_inspection  |
|Obsolete RPM packages                                                                         |needs_inspection  |
|Binaries to be rebuilt                                                                        |needs_inspection  |
|Libraries with their soname bumped                                                            |needs_inspection  |
|Removed .so libraries                                                                         |needs_inspection  |
|Python packages                                                                               |needs_inspection  |
|Repositories for Kickstart                                                                    |needs_inspection  |
|Incorrect usage of reserved UIDs and GIDs                                                     |needs_inspection  |
|Configuration files to be reviewed                                                            |needs_action      |
|Packages from other system variants                                                           |needs_action      |
|Packages not signed by Oracle                                                                 |needs_action      |
|Removed RPM packages                                                                          |needs_action      |
|Replaced RPM packages                                                                         |needs_action      |
|"not-base" channels                                                                           |needs_action      |
|Removing sandbox from SELinux                                                                 |needs_action      |
|GRUB to GRUB 2 migration                                                                      |needs_action      |
|Enabled and disabled services in Oracle Linux 6                                               |needs_action      |
|Java upgrade                                                                                  |needs_action      |
|The cgroups configuration compatibility                                                       |needs_action      |
|GNOME desktop environment                                                                     |fail              |
|KDE desktop environment                                                                       |fail              |
The tarball with results is stored in '/root/preupgrade-results/preupg_results-230330095957.tar.gz' .
The latest assessment is stored in the '/root/preupgrade' directory.
Summary information:
We have found some critical issues. In-place upgrade or migration is not advised.
Read the file /root/preupgrade/result.html for more details.
Please ensure you have backed up your system and/or data
before doing a system upgrade to prevent loss of data in
case the upgrade fails and full re-install of the system
from installation media is needed.
Upload results to UI by the command:
e.g. preupg -u http://example.com:8099/submit/ -r /root/preupgrade-results/preupg_results-230330095957.tar.gz .

Contact Oracle support and ask them? As a side note, I wouldn't want to do an in place upgrade from 6 to 7 because 6 still uses systemV and 7 Systemd.
Yeah, best to fresh install when jumping major versions.
Going from 7 to 8 and from 8 to 9 with an in place upgrade is fine now days, I have done quite a few successful upgrades using leapp going from 7 to 8. However when going from 6 to 7 you are going from one init system to another init system so more likely things to break then.
Yeah, best to fresh install when jumping major versions.

To add to f33dm3's response, I do in-place upgrades fairly often and haven't had any major distro fail at it in a while. If there are drastic changes, then I'll do a new installation.

The last time I did that was when Lubuntu moved from 18.04 to 20.04 - which involved a completely new desktop (and a bunch else behind the scenes) which was LXDE to LXQt.

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