Operative System in Server. Which and Why.


Marc Arribas

So... I lost my home server operative system (Gentoo) due I lost my filekey. Now I must install the software again and this is a beautiful opportunity to try another operative system. I search here which one I should, but the only one post about it I found is:
And is not a objective post, almost everyone says his favourite Linux distro, not the best.

I think we should make a better guide about what system choose for every server. Obviously now I'm interested in my server but then I can help in other's servers.

So... my server. First of all, I don't need an "easy" system, I can work in an more complex one. This doesn't mean to install the most hardcore system ever. Simply, the difficult is not a variable.

My priority is security, I'm a paranoid. When a security path is out, I need it.

I would use the server for:
LAMP. I like to test websites in home before upload them, and use the server if the main LAMP is down.
Torrent. I like to download something and let it uploading for other people.
Samba. Lot of computers, someones has Windows. They should be able to connect the server in order to Backup files or share.
LVM. More than one hard drive installed, I like to have a single volume group with lots of logical volumes
LUKS. Every Hard Disk would be crypted with a filekey.

I try in Servers Ubuntu, Debian, OpenSUSE, Slackware and Gentoo. Until now, my favourite has been Gentoo, due I can control perfectly what is installed and what is not. Get the minimal software and kernel is useful to control what can be exploited or not. Bad thing, updates are heavy to process and sometimes come late.

I only use Slackware some days, so I can't say a lot about it. And Ubuntu and Debian is pretty the same, easy with lots of trash of software, but very fast updates.

If we can structure "If you need x capacity, y Operative System is better and z is worst" we can do a pretty usefull guide.

Forgot it, I found: http://www.linux.org/threads/which-server-distro-is-right-for-me.7783/
Let's see If I can delete this...
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I'm sorry but a for-all guide to which server distributions to use in different situations is impossible. The choice of server distribution is very much dependent on your personal tastes and experience levels.
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