Northern Hemisphere v Southern Hemisphere (Specifically Aussies)

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May 8, 2021
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So I just noticed something in @wizardfromoz 's (banner?).


Toilets flush opposite directions. Here in the northern hemisphere the water swirls in a clock-wise direction, or rather the proper direction!

*Just in case you're wondering, yes I just flushed the toilet with the singular intention of checking to make sure I'm correct. Immediately after flushing, I realized I needed to go to the bathroom. I took advantage of the opportunity to double check. I'm absolutely 100% positive the toilet flushes in the clock-wise direction up here in the northern hemisphere.

Now, what exactly was my point here?

Oh yes.

Similarly, winter in months up here happen to be summer down there. So what I was wondering it this. Up here we are in the spring season. Since you Aussies are all backwards, do your seasons arrive in reverse too?

Up here it goes
  • Winter
  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Fall

So down there is the order
  • Fall
  • Summer
  • Spring
  • Winter

Not really, it's 100% antipodal.
  1. Winter[North] is swapped by Summer[South], although here said "solstice what? naah" and therefore Summer begins 1st of December, and Winter 1st of June.
    1. So, to your point, the year begins one month into Summer.
  2. Equally, Spring [North] is swapped by Autumn[South]: in Oz, Autumn starts 1st March and Spring 1st September.
The order of the seasons is the same (as they are given by the inclination of the Earth's axis along the orbit): in order through the year they are Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring (and Summer again).
Antipodea map....for those who aren't quite sure....

That's me looking straight diown through the earth to see what is on the other side.....

At the moment it's month it's Winter and by the way we're a day ahead too.

We still have Christmas in December but it's Summer and very hot. :D

I don't have time to worry about seasons with all the Snakes...Spiders and Drop Bears...Spring and Summer brings them all out.
The drop bears aren't too bad - so long as you stay in urban areas.
Also different

Cyclones are large revolving tropical storms caused by winds blowing around a central area of low atmospheric pressure. In the southern hemisphere these tropical storms are called cyclones and rotate in a clockwise direction, while in the northern hemisphere cyclones are called hurricanes or typhoons and rotate in an anti-clockwise direction.

We get cyclones in the north of Queensland, the Northern Territory, and the north of Western Australia.

1 June today, so Winter has begun.

The timing of our seasons beginning on the first of the month began with the early settlement over 200 years ago.

Soldiers were issued with the summer drill (uniforms) on 1st December. From there the rest of the seasons followed.



(Specifically Aussies)​

Really, ....I mean really what you (perhaps) all are trying to have a slash at (a guess) is what makes the guys and gals down under....tick.

And you would be so right to wonder.

There was a bloke a while ago (1966), who arrived in Australia. Looked for work....didn't find any (as a sport writer, for,chrissake) and had to settle for doing a bit of hard yakka as a builders labourer....He also developed a bit of a leaning towards a female

Anyhow, they turned the whole shemozzle into a movie.

They're a Weird Mob: (and isn't that the truth)....(lovable though)

Just in case you wonder re the language etc...

The comedy of the novel revolves around his attempts to understand English as it was spoken in Australia by the working classes in the 1950s and 1960s

And....Australian Culture. :
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