Newb with some questions!


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So I have an older Lenovo laptop; currently running Windows 10. It could be much faster and better if it had a Linux OS on it. I have my Associates in Computer Networking and we used Kali in school and so I have a basic and general understanding of Kali and Linux.

I have created my own home network and am using a Dell PowerConnect 5524P switch. I am familiar with Dell's OpenManage Switch Administrator. But, I want to get better at CLI and so I have the Lenovo laptop down in my Comm Closet and am currently using Windows 10 with Chromes RDP and Putty with a Serial connection to access the switch and teach myself CLI. I am wanting to know what is a good Linux OS to use besides Kali that has a good RDP application and has a good GUI.

Thank you for your time.