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  1. U

    External Linux System (SSD/USB) on common pc with no access to internal SSD/HDD

    Hello, fter having a crash of my old pc because of too many operating systems on one HDD (- and one overwrote systemfiles of the others), I wanted to try a different way. In this way, I want to use my main operating system on the internal storage. The 2 and 3 operating system should run on an...
  2. D

    Can FreeDOS Be Used as a Daily Driver?

    One thing I can appreciate about Linux is it's flexibility. This is why it's been used in projects like embedded systems, servers, and even NASA missions. However, despite developments to make it a usable desktop OS, it was obviously never intended to be just that, which is one of the reasons...
  3. P

    Is there a Linux distro which can be used in a smartwatch?

    Hi, I am new here ◔‿◔ can somebody help me with this
  4. R

    Linux Debian 10 deleting /etc/ folder on running some processes

    Hi Guys, There is an issue we are facing since a month that as soon as we ran some processes it disconnects our SSH and other sessions after sometime and we are not able to connect to machine. We checked it on AWS instances running Debian 10 as well as dedicated servers running Debian 10. When...
  5. T

    Newb with some questions!

    Backstory: So I have an older Lenovo laptop; currently running Windows 10. It could be much faster and better if it had a Linux OS on it. I have my Associates in Computer Networking and we used Kali in school and so I have a basic and general understanding of Kali and Linux. Question: I have...
  6. blackneos940

    Am I Doomed Forever To Only Program With CLI with my Autistic mind?

    Hey guys.... Merry Christmas! :3 Anywho, I'm a bit depressed about something... I tried, and tried, to get pretty good at GTK+, Visual Studio, etc., but it seems that I just can't grasp the idea of UX.... As you know, I have Autism, so we tend to think in certain ways that don't involve certain...