New to Linux! What is a good distro for a 3D modeler and Game Developer?


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Mar 2, 2022
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Hello, I am looking to transition to Linux but I would like to know what is a great distro for a 3D modeler and Video Game developer?
Your response would be very much appreciated.

You can do almost anything with every Distro. Get some Live DVDs and test them. See if your Hardware works and how you like the Desktop. Desktop matters more nowadays than distribution.
Imho beginners (but not only) should choose an ubuntu based distro or ubuntu itself. Almost any software out there will be packaged for ubuntu and or debian. Most tutorials are written to cover ubuntu, there are so much more ubuntu forum post than any other distro and so on.
I would recommend Debian with a cinnamon desktop. (Or Linux mint cinnamon) If you are wanting to use a game engine I would recommend trying to install UE5 I have not used it on linux before but I have used it on windows. (I have had an exporting problem for Linux games but should be fixed by now)
Pretty much any distro can be made to work, though some of the lighter ones will have a poor software selection. (Like Kolibri, for example.)

This is my thoughts on a 'best' distro: