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if i need 8gb of ram to have a slight improvement and more speed than windows, whats the point then.
i dont understand anything anyways. maybe ill just look for an atari2600 or something much easier to deal with.

Just try putting Mint on a usb stick and try it out. It takes 15 minutes and will tell you whether or not this will work for you. There is no substitute for seeing it for yourself.

By todays standards 4GB is not great, but doesn't mean it doesn't work.
It is your choice of course......but I think you are being unduly pessimistic.

If you were to take a poll among the members here, I think you would find that the majority are running onn 4gb ram for Linux Mint cinnamon

You could always run Linux Mint XFCE...it runs on less ram and would be really quick

Take @Insomniac's advice...put it on a usb stcik and try it out

Trying it out will not affect your windows install
Welcome @bincent

if i need 8gb of ram to have a slight improvement and more speed than windows, whats the point then.

No, what @Condobloke said was

4 gb will definitely work for you. It will not be any slower than windows....probably quicker

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Chris Turner
can i burn cinnamon to a dvd-r instead of using a usb drive?
You certainly can. There are not many Linux distros with .iso's bigger than 4.7 GB, and Mint is smaller.

Are you doing this from Windows and if so, which version?
i have something to burn with. and its not mint, its cinnamon. but im also looking for a version that would use less ram than 8, cause i dont want my computer to end up on fire. what i mean is overheating issues. should i just download linux mint too? cause i dont know what im doing anymore.
The only way you're going to find out if it's going to work for you is to try it. So try it. Whether that's usb stick or dvd doesn't matter.

We can spend all day here talking about your technical issues, social issues, or whatever. At least try it.
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Cinnamon is not a Linux Distribution (distro), it is a Desktop Environment (DE) available under Linux Mint.

Linux Mint can be installed using the Cinnamon, MATE, or Xfce DE's.

This article is old but still pretty accurate in explaining the difference between DEs.

this is why im here, so i can ask questions and learn. again, im a slow learner and a bad reader too.
if i need 8gb of ram to have a slight improvement and more speed than windows, whats the point then.
If you are using the laptop for "every day" usage [e-mail, letters, surfing, etc] then you do not need any more than 4gb of ram,, you will need more if you are into gaming, graphic rendering, or use Virtualisation.
You do not need to be a geek to become a Linux user, just time and patients, whilst you learn the way of the Tux as there are some considerable differences in the way it works, as opposed to Windows.
My suggestions for a beginner distribution [I do not recomend]
Mint LMDE -
Debian plus additional driver pack,
any of the Ubuntu family
Mint 21
you will also have a choice of desktop with most distributions, the XFCE and MATE desktops are similar to windows XP / 7 /8 and Cinnamon is more like W10
some reading

take your time, there is no need to rush, think what you need and want from your new distribution and enjoy the ride.
Welcome aboard. :)

Just ask any questions you have about Linux, & someone will try to help you.

I run a Linux desktop computer that only has 2GB ram, your 4GB is plenty, for normal usage, (internet browsing, watching videos, playing music, using office type software, etc).
I have an 11-year-old HP computer with 4GB RAM. It has been enough because I'm not a hardcore gamer nor profound application developer. I don't need to open multiple instances of a web browser for at least 500MB a pop, LOL like someone else I came across in another technical forum who claimed to be a developer, had 16GB RAM but was overloading "swap" doing stupid things like that and never turning off his computer unless he suffered a power outage.

It doesn't look like you have to worry about getting more than 4GB RAM. In fact, 64-bit Linux knows better how to deal with that much RAM than Windows, which seems to beg more and more while the version number is increased. Take it from me, I have 20GB remaining out of about 57GB (advertised 64GB) from an ASUS computer I bought early last year and I'm still regretting that decision. "My own choice" of application is 5GB or so, and otherwise it's what Microsoft requires from all its apps and parts of the operating system. Not using that computer much and almost not going online, should delete Windows but I can't.

A typical Linux installation wouldn't ask for much more than 10GB from your internal disk unless you go crazy installing stuff or you're a scientist, photographer, music producer or someone like that who likes creating many megabytes of data.
Hello @bincent,
Welcome to Linux.org Forums.
You say you want Cinnamon. But you haven't said which Distro your trying to install. Cinnamon is a desktop. The most common place to start if you want Cinnamon as your desktop is the Linux Mint Distro. Since it's developers were the ones to create Cinnamon in the first place. Your machine should work ok with 4 gbs ram.
download the image from here.
you can burn it either to DVD or USB stick.
Then follow the install instructions found here.
You'll be fine and we are here to give any help we can.
Perhaps most importantly enjoy the journey! :)
Cinnamon in the first place. Your machine should work ok with 4 gbs ram.
download the image from here.
Or you could use MINT LMDE it still has Cinnamon desktop but without the Ubuntu baggage, making it a little lighter and a hair faster [my choice of daily drive]
Maybe it would help to start at the beginning:

Linux is an operating system for your computer like Windows, only different. There are as many different reasons for preferring one over the other as there are people - it is not always about performance. The choice of Linux over Windows could be about freedom of choice or many other motives.

Linux comes in "distros". Each distro is its own operating system like Windows. The people behind a distro decide what they want to package together for their distro. As a result, different Linux distros can look very different from each other when you use them - they are essentially different operating systems under the "Linux" name.

The look and feel of your Linux distro happens in its "desktop environment". Linux distros choose a default desktop environment for you. A few distros come with a choice of alternative desktop environments. Ubuntu Linux uses the "GNOME" desktop environment, but offers alternatives like Cinnamon and quite a few others. (You can change your desktop environment later, but it is better for beginners to stay with the default at first.)

"Linux Mint" is the brand name of that distro. The "Mint" does not mean anything even though the default desktop environment is called "Cinnamon".

The problem with Linux is choice. There are many distros to choose from. Each distro is an assembly of different components that have much in common, but the look and feel of the user experience can be quite different between them. Because everything is under your control, you can replace, modify, or change any part of your Linux installation, but the number of options and choices can feel overwhelming.

If you are getting started with Linux Mint, it will run perfectly fine with 4 Gbytes of RAM. My current Linux desktop is Linux Mint Cinnamon, running in 4 Gbytes of RAM. As long as you are not doing video editing or something that needs a lot of RAM (not likely for you), then give Linux Mint Cinnamon a try.

My advice: Take one baby step at a time. Try stuff out until it feels more comfortable, then keep going.
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