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hi rob and everyone. i want to get away from windows os and switch to linux os. i tried before but i cant seem to get into any version of linux at all. i cant get away from windows. im too addicted to it. any suggestions? thanks.

Welcome to the Forum.

You could install Virtualbox and try Linux Mint Cinnamon 21.1 the latest version or download the ISO from here... and burn it to a Flash Drive...boot to it and see how it looks and works without installing it.

Linux Mint is an excellent Distro user friendly and very stable...has all the tools you need. We all have to start taking that first step might be hard but in no time you'll say...why didn't I do this earlier.
thanks bob466 . dont tell microsoft okay? my way of kidding.
also, im a very slow learner.
Welcome to the forums.

"Don't tell M$" to me is like "I don't have time to go deep into it." That's OK, nobody is forcing you to choose.

If you have favorite software for Windows, especially if it was bought and it's copy-protected, especially if it's a game then my advice is to stay on Windows, at least with one computer that could run that software. Don't recklessly switch to Linux expecting to get everything covered that way because it could result in frustration. Wine could work many wonders but it's far and away from perfect and satisfactory.
thanks bob466 . dont tell microsoft okay? my way of kidding.
also, im a very slow learner.

You're welcome...I stopped using windowz at thing I ever did and for the first time I experienced freedom to do whatever I like on my own computer.

Linux isn't's much better and there's a little learning to be done but it's not that hard...coming from an average user like myself but it's worth it. All the people on this Forum are very willing to help you so there's no excuse...enjoy.
hold on a sec everyone. ill read the 2 messages soon. thanks.
Welcome on board, have a good time :)
i dont play windows games. no licensing issues here. i dont trust signing into windows and or xbox stuff.
i just want to get away from windows. i wanna use linux for mostly for online stuff. and yup, i want my last ounce of freedom too. not much left anymore. thanks for your help wendy-lebaron, tinfoil-hat, and bob446 i may need loads more in the future though. so, i should use cinnamon sugar one? i like open source and freeware and freedom stuff. ill try to donate when i can and see what ill end up using too. i do not want to rush into anything either, but that said, i want to switch to linux os.
also, sorry if my humor is weird. im nervous trying new things. i dont know how to talk to anyone.
maybe this has all a waste of time. and another thing, i did an iq test to try to prepare me for trying linux and for understanding where i am along in life, i failed bad. i got a 77iq. i think im on the wrong place. thanks anyway.
can i download linux cinnamon with bit torrent?
or do i need to download it with my browser?
and do i need to verify the download?
im downloading linux cinnamon. i was waiting for any kind of response.
guess yall be busy 2nite.
im going to donate as well. is $10.00 going to be okay?
the options are 10, 20, 50, and other. so i guess i can pick 10.
G'day bincent, Welcome to

You do not have to donate to receive help here. The help is absolutely Free....just like Linux itself

Your sense of humour won't rattle anyone's fine

Linux Mint Cinnamon should be just fine.....tell us the specs of your pc/laptop first....just to be safe.

Yes, you can download via torrent...there is no need to verify if downloaded by torrent.

If you download via the browser then you have to verify the file

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okay thanks condobloke. my specs are hp8000 dual core 3.0 Ghz intel.
128gb ssd. horrible gma4500 graphics. i hate that. also a dvd burner.
would those specs run cinnamon? here`s the kicker, originally a vista computer. yikes.
better than windows 10 and 11 and maybe windows AI 12 though.
what RAM does it have ?...4GB ?
2x 2gb ddr3 laptop ram. thats not a joke. just to let ya know.
One of the really nice things Linux has and Windows doesn't is that you can write the operating system to a USB device and boot from it to try it out. It's really great to test things and find something that works well before you commit to anything long term. Something not working out well? Try a different one.

The system requirements for Linux Mint from their faq:
2GB RAM (4GB recommended for a comfortable usage).
20GB of disk space (100GB recommended).
1024×768 resolution (on lower resolutions, press ALT to drag windows with the mouse if they don’t fit in the screen).
Take your time.
would be better with 8? i wont bother then. that would cost me more money.
i better not risk it. thanks everyone. and i did read the messages, but i rather not now.
As Insomniac's post said: 2GB RAM (4GB recommended for a comfortable usage).

A lot of people are focused entirely on speed.

4 gb will definitely work for you. It will not be any slower than windows....probably quicker
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